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Saturday ~ December 16

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  • Saturday ~ December 16

    Cold here, but fire in the fireplace.

    Darn newsletter nearly took me down. People kept finding flaws in articles they had written, or they wanted to add something. Someone sent a photo they wanted to use. It was in a format I could not do anything with, so I finally took a photo of it with my iphone and got it done that way. Long story, but it was shipped to the publisher at 4p yesterday, and I celebrated with a couple of fortune cookies.

    Lunch yesterday was a bust so I must do better today. Have to cook another chicken breast. Do not want to freeze it.

    Hope you all have a good Saturday. Bundle up~

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    Good Morning! It's snowing gently out there now. Pretty.

    Yesterday was good. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. We started the morning off by making up a bunch of trays that are getting picked up today. Then onto icing 14 doz sugar those done. While doing that we baked off the Amish sugar cookies. Tried a new's a keeper & will be on the list next year. Then onto the mind wrecking job...organizing orders. We did it a few days ago and had a list of items I still needed to make or bag up from my freezer supply. I did that, but the items were all waiting to be placed in their proper order. That took forever! We brought out orders to be picked up today, labeled them, and put them out on the freezing cold porch. Sue didn't leave until 4pm. She's worth every single penny.

    Cork got home early, so I left Blaise with him, and I headed to Saxonburg. I needed to get a few of those one price boxes from the post office before they closed, so they were my first stop. I had 3 minutes to spare! Delivered an order to the nail salon. I had Corky pick up a Little Caesar's pizza, so that was dinner. Can't go wrong for $5. Bagged up the sugar cookies and started calling people. Cork & I watched the recorded NCIS and then Blaise & I watched Turbo. It was a good day.

    This morning we are going to run a few errands, then come home & let the masses come! I have a couple cookie doughs to bake off. No big hurry for them. They are to just restock my supplies in the freezer that are a little low & I really don't want to run out of those kinds. Next week we are going to make one last large batch of lady locks and then the cookie baking will be done. Saturday morning will be pie baking day. Thank goodness I don't have as many pies as cookies. I think there are only 8 ordered.

    Got to get Paula's box packed up & ready to ship.

    Have a good one all!!!!


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      Well, my first post didn't take. That elusive Alert sign came up again. Hope this one "takes".

      Good morning.
      We will not be staying at this hotel ever again. The temperature is unregulatable, and even E felt cold. The workman said he fixed it, but it wasn't. Saw him putting around in the restaurant and E commented to him......he immediately went and set up an ugly space heater. That's what we depend on to keep this suite warm. The heat doesn't seem to extend to the bathroom, though. There's a few other things that cause inconvenience....don't expect privacy in the bathroom. Also, the bathroom door is the closet door when it's open, so if someone closes the door, everything hanging in your closet is on display. We did have trouble finding this room when we arrived. Our room and another (unoccupied) room are both behind a single we have 2 doors to open when we go to our room. Also, we have a "Kitchen", but no kitchen things like stove, eating utensils, no different than what's in any single room (microwave, coffee pot, small fridge). We've had better suites at better prices. So Raddison is totally off our list after this visit..

      We did have a nice visit with son, DIL, and one of their girls and her 3 hyper boys. But we spent the entire visit in the restaurant, where there's a modicum of control with the boys. This GD's family is moving at month's end to somewhere in Indiana. Her husband landed a job as Chef in, I think, a Children's Museum restaurant. She will have a job as a teacher. That surprised me, since she absolutely hates to read. Good opportunities for her family, but she has never been far away from her mom before. Her mom is feeling the coming rift, too. But GD said she'd keep in touch. I wonder if she really means it. Maybe. I'm hopeful. We talked together for a long while during dinner.

      This morning we'll see oldest daughter and 2 of her (grown) kids. This afternoon will be middle daughter and her high school DD, and am hoping her other grown DD can make it as well.

      Phx is getting its cold weather. This weekend is in the 60's. Everyone seems to feel it.
      After E made a fuss about our wearing funny tees, he saw that I packed my favorite ones, but will wear a sweater home on Monday. I haven't seen his, though, and he wore a plain long-sleeved tee yesterday. Grrrrrrr! He'd better produce one in his wardrobe for today!

      Well, it's about time for me to get dressed and make a little noise. I'm hungry for some breakfast. Nothing useful in our kitchen here. Maybe I'll make some tea.

      Hope you all have a good day.
      Stay warm! ☀️ and have a great day!
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good Morning, yesterday we had a beautiful snowfall, one that was not laying down much snow but it had the biggest ole snowflakes what a sight to behold. I got some wrapping done yesterday, mind you I usually don't do the wrapping hubby does but for some reason this year I must be doing better I actually found the time to get some done...will wrap a bit more today, besides that, his back is really, really bothering him...

        Still trying to use up the 'stuff' we have in our freezer, each day it is go look, find something then decide what we are having for supper, doing that with can goods and other staples we have..trying to empty out everything and start again, and some stuff will go to the soup kitchen here locally.

        Now to decide on something for breakfast...

        Donna I have never sent cookies before but I did send one beginning of the week and my cousin should get it today hoping he actually has cookies and not crumbs, LOL...

        Elaine glad your finished with your project, each year it is a challenge for you, LOL

        Well off to get my day started, hubby will be up before to long..Have a good day one and all.
        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Morning....sunny with temps reaching into the 60s today. A heat wave!!

          All the workers from this house were up and gone by 5:30 this morning so it is quiet and peaceful around here. Need to get the roast going for Italian Beef but first need to clean the crock pot which has been soaking all night. I bought those liners but forget to use them. They sure make cleanup easier! Need to do a ton of ironing this morning but I can do that with a Hallmark movie.

          Going to be a quiet weekend and as productive as I make it so should get organized. Another huge accident near the last fatal one at Thanksgiving. Always involving semis...I am just as glad to stay home and certainly not wanting to be out driving. Stay safe everyone!


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            Sitting in the car and ready to go to the store to get this day started.
            Cold, clear and windy! I woke up to the front door open from the wind! The neighbors had kept me up with a party going on and then the two cats were howling at each other!
            What is going on? Good things it is Saturday!

            I will check back later and wish you all a good day!


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              wow,it is afternoon already...!!

              was up early,. had cookie dough in refrig by 8... 3 batches for this evenings cookie cut out and icing party with granddaughters . was difficult to find a "good" time for it .. we had decided on this evening .. but my daughter forgot ( who picked the final date ) , thought it was this afternoon.. she knew better as Shawa works until 4..well ..... we will get started about 6.. by the time we all got done texting back and forth to be sure ... I was mentally exhausted. .. and having a major attitude problem... HOWEVER,, I'm sure it will end up happily.

              JoG.. what a terrible experience in that hotel!. worst I have heard of ...
              Sharon , made a note to myself to start using up whats in freezer and on shelves.....not a whole lot but some frozen veggies , and who knows what else in there.
              we made quick trip to library and store.. our local store has so many empty spots on shelves.. that the rumor they are closing must be true... the rest of the rumor is it will the be leased by an Aldis. that would be nice. for but they don' t carry many name brands items .. but great prices.

              time to get some more things organized.


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                Maye, this hotel is a comedy of errors (if you don’t laugh, you’íll cry yourself to bits!) that you wouldn’t believe. But we will stick it out for the rest of the weekend, heading home on Monday morning.
                E told the kids the 10 bad things about this place. But he has since lengthened the list, and I added a couple more items, for a total of 25 things wrong with this place. He will give the hotel a copy when we leave. I hope the owner will gracefully send us a partial refund for this experience. It turned out that unlike other hotels, you don’t get a “complimentary” or free breakfast here. We were surprised with a bill for about $30 for our simple breakfast from the buffet. The menu option would have been higher. But we’d have paid half that price at most chain restaurants. So we went to OG for supper, and brought back half the food for tomorrow night.

                The kids brought lots of goodies.....assorted cookies, jumbo muffins, fudge, mint kisses. So we will have a muffin for breakfast tomorrow with a banana (we brought some) and coffee or tea. I brought a nice Cylon tea with me. Good thing, as no tea was provided with the coffee pods. I heated the tea water in a paper cup in the microwave, nearly burning my fingers as the cup was losing its rigidity. The kids also brought us gifts, which we will save to open on Christmas Day. Or Eve. Depending on how antsy we get waiting to open them.

                I was so proud of middle daughter. She arrived early today, and her older sis was here already. As older Sis was leaving a bit later on, middle daughter said, “Hey, text me. We need to start getting together and visit again.” Some some of the family feuding is going to be over. The next younger sis is not so forgiving a person as you’d think. She’s friends with middle daughter only. But maybe middle daughter will be able to ease the way somehow. I’d like to see the entire family have get-togethers like we used to do.

                One more family will be coming tomorrow. The next younger sis to middle daughter that I mentioned. She’s bringing her girls. Don’t know why her hubby can’t make it, but maybe he’s in the doghouse or needs a break from all the females (no sons in their family, all girls). She’s getting a lot of books which she plans to use or share with her girls. And a lot of hotel shampoo sets that I’ve collected. I have several various sized boxes of different crayons I’ve collected, unused, to give to the very talented self-taught girl who is quite the artist. She’s amazing, and finishes every drawing rather quickly.

                Well, here I am writing another book. Could have saved it til tomorrow, I guess.
                G’night, all.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.