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Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow 14th of Dec. Thurs.

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  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow 14th of Dec. Thurs.

    Good Morning all you sweet loveable people, if we can't have sunshine then give me snow, makes everything seem so much brighter...hubby is out with the tractor now cleaning off the snow from both driveways, then it will be time to shovel the walks and back deck..

    Was going to do a bit of shopping yesterday but between the cold blowing snow the shortness of breath was more than I could handle so I came home..

    This is the kind of weather that makes me think of stews, soups, etc. but have to cook up some meats also, LOL...

    I think today will be laundry day for me...not very energetic..

    Have a great day one and all..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good Morning! It's gorgeous out there. We must have got 4 or 5" of snow overnight. School is on a 2 hr delay.

    Yesterday was good. Started the morning out making a couple deliveries and then home to bake. Baked off the sugar cookies & the nut horns. Made spaghetti for dinner. Hey, at least it was something hot and we ate together. Actually watched some TV. Got most of the laundry done. It was a good day all in all.

    Talked to Becca. A couple hiccups with the house purchase, but it's going to happen. She finally got someone to work the second half of her double shift on Christmas, so she'll be here in time for the family gathering. Also found out that her employer is going to pay for her masters if she keeps good grades. All good news from her end.

    This morning is starting out slow. I HOPE to make & bake the nut logs today as well as the choc and choc PB rolls. I might get started on icing some of those sugar cookies too. Our SS gang is meeting at Kings tonight, and if the roads are OK, I just might do that.

    Have a good one all!


    • Paula A
      Paula A commented
      Editing a comment
      that is wonderful about Becca's Master's!

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    Good morning everyone.

    Sharon and Donna, when you go out side, DO NOT sneeze or blow your breath to the south or west. I DO NOT WANT YOUR SNOW !!!!!

    ​Starting to feel like a human again. Those "Z Packs" are life savers. Still have a cough, but I think the laryngitis is gone for good. But then I don't go around the house talking to myself, so I can only judged by talking to someone on the phone. I at least did not have to strain to get a "noise" out last night, and my voice wasn't breaking up the longer I talked.

    Did my laundry yesterday, just to have something to do. Will stay in yet today just to make sure I'm on the "downhill" of this crud. Starting to go crazy being locked up in the house. 9 days is a bit much for me.

    I believe . . .

    that credentials on the wall
    do not make you a decent human being.

    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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      Good morning, which started with a chirping smoke alarm battery...way up near the ceiling in Becky's room. 4:30 am . Luckily, I had one battery kin my drawer so I got that thing changed out with her help and now will be sure to put batteries back on the list. I wanted the electrician to take it down when he was doing some work, but by law, he can't takeout a working smoke alarm in a bedroom if there is none to replace it...So, I will buy another and then get this one down. It is too high and too hard to change. I lhave change the ones in the daycare to be easier for me to change and test when Licensing comes to check.

      We had a wonderful dinner at our friend's last night. He made crockpot ribs. and the rolls he showed us how to make were half wheat and half white and all delicious!

      I want to clean the living room floor before daycare starts. After being at our friends' I also realize how much I need new furniture but not until Becky gets thorugh school just in case I need to pay for something!

      Have a great day! Love you all!


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        Good morning! Looks like a typical winter morning out sun and probably cold but i have not ventured out yet this morning to verify the temp. Glad you are happy with that snow and even happier it is you shoveling and not me!

        Have a final appointment with the surgeon today then that is over and done with. I am in shock at how fast Christmas is approaching and really need to get my act together and get some lists made. Jon is off today so it would be a perfect day to make a big grocery trip while help is here to haul in bags. Since my appointment is late afternoon we will use this as our carry out night so no meal prep for me. We were going to meet the bus then rush out but Andrew was balking at going with us so there may have been other arrangements made for him. Guessing his father will mention it when he gets up. I am always the last to know yet they expect me to be the keeper of all schedules. Go figure!

        Nothing has been happening around here and that is literal....nothing is happening or getting done or started or planned or anything. Yesterday I spent the entire morning with Sierra and her phone. She ended up getting a new one and now this morning she is already back at AT&T because the new phone is froze up. That got her up a moving bright and early! And that is where I should be...up and moving. Shovel away all you people with snow. Just having this icky sky is to much winter for me!!


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          Good morning. IíM HOME!!!
          In the past, the hospital ALWAYS took the discharged patients, from their room to the exit where someone is waiting to drive them home, by was a must! Yesterday I left my room on my own feet, walking the length of the hospital to the elevators, and out the main exit, where I waited for E to get the car. No thanks to the hospitalís security van blocking much of the road. Plus another oversized SUV right behind it. Both drivers just sitting there. E finally managed to get our car through in the space left without damaging the car.

          It was good to get home. It was good to get an uninterrupted nightís sleep in my own bed. I donít restart my meds til tomorrow morning.
          Iíve already started the laundry. E has to take the car in today for its checkup. Tomorrow we go to Phx. The kids have arranged to come see us in our hotel room. So we donít have to fight their crazy traffic getting to their homes over the weekend, which is a plus for E not having to deal with his bad arm so much.

          Speaking of E, heís doing better thanks to the PT. He can raise his arm a few inches more, reaching forward, than when he began the exercises. Also he can raise his hand to his opposite shoulder now, as well. Progress! 😄

          Well, busy day ahead. Plus the weekend. Today weíre in the 70ís, temp-wise, tomorrow too, but the weekend will drop to the 60ís, both here and in Phx. Our weather isnít much different than Paulaís. (But we get less rain.)

          Your baking sounds sooooo good. That was my plan this week, before I found myself in the hospital. Right now, though, other things are calling to get done. My throat is a bit sore due to the procedure they used on me, so Iím not having so many things to enjoy eating. A milkshake gave me relief yesterday, but mostly Iíll probably be drinking tea. Having softer foods for a few more days. Iím hoping for fewer trips to the bathroom each day....hate to deal with that! They did warn me Iíll be passing the rest of the stones, which are smaller than the ones they removed. Apparently, one stone was embedded in the ďmeshĒ of the bile duct, from when my gall bladder was removed in 1989! So they said. Had that ever gotten infected, Iíd quickly be a goner. E said that the doc who ordered the MRI, and paid attention to the full picture (not just possible cancer cells) has very likely saved my life. Actually, despite being a specialist, he is the ONLY doctor who has paid attention to the whole person, not just the area of his expertise!

          Well, enough about that. I have to get back to my chores, and get a few other things accomplished today.
          Have a great day, everyone! 🤗
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Paula, Iíd love to have the recipe for those rolls! Can you share it, please?
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Good Morning.

              JoG, so glad you are back home. Glad, too, E is getting his shoulder back on track.

              Paula, we don't even own a smoke alarm. Good thing nobody expects country folks to follow rules and regulations.

              We just got back from taking the car in for a recall on some bolts. Stopped at McDonalds and had pancakes. So Good! We used to do that all the time when we took cattle to market, but those days are over, so it was kind of nice to do something we used to do and enjoy.

              Sharon, saw the photo on FB of your snow. Beautiful! Donna, wish I could see yours.

              Well, making some chicken something in the pressure cooker for lunch. Better get things lined up.

              Hugs to All


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                Good afternoon, ,

                though I had posted already.. however.. I am not here. sooo..

                had the day planned and 6" of snow changed them .. at least in the order I had planned... so I did laundry first. tidy up house. and then we went to the bank, then had lunch ... next stop. the Church. to practice piano- organ duet. the song is easy.. it came upon a midnight clear.... However Im playing the organ and getting the right settings! is the problem.. plus they have the big Christmas tree in front of the piano... the piano and organ face each other across the middle area that has the communion table . etc.. so we have to just Play and hope for the best... but took a while to decide on organ setting .. finally got it to suit.. David set in the back seat. waiting and waiting.. ... then we all laughed when we realized we had played an Hour.. ( Plus almost 2hours one other day) to play this lovely song. it is approxm. 3 minutes long !. it is not our skill.. it is the organ settings... I played that organ for 20 years. but it has been almost 20 years since I left that church.. ..there are beautiful sounds to be made . but it takes time to find them... got home. tired.. and set down..!

       you left the hospital on you own would be an open invitation to a law suit if you got hurt leaving the building.. at least it used to be.. But looking back a couple weeks ago at DAvid leaving from his ER. over nite stay.. we got on the elevator and left without escort too.. I guess they discharge you at the bedside and once discharged you are no longer their responsibility.. Hey take care...glad that is done..

                have I said it yet.????? I HATE WINTER.... David insisted and did, got out to shovel snow by the garage. and the walk, steps up to deck. etc etc.. so I have made a vow not to tell him anymore what to do or NOT do.. and if he hurts gets to hurting really bad.. I don't want any griping either..

                Think I will sleep a bit better.. I think I see the bottom of the C.List ... one small gift for a friend yet. and then I will wrap .( bag). up everything.
                Cookie bake is for this Sat.. Then I can finish the cleaning.
                will be back tomorrow..