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First of all Happy Belated Birthday Maxie

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  • First of all Happy Belated Birthday Maxie

    Happy Birthday, sure you enjoyed being a bit sore and in your jammies watching Hallmark, I love those movies.. I did not see or receive a reminder and was in a bit of a hurry yesterday morning...sorry.
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    Happy belated birthday Maxi. My blood sugar was a bit high this morning but I was bad last night so its all on me. Work today...trip to walmart for the things I forgot yesterday. Coming home to clean the bathroom upstairs...then I have a class tonight. When I get home from that my mom and cousin might be here...if not then they will be here shortly....Tomarrow is marathon shopping day. 3 of my cousins my mom my sister and I have been doing this for years! Wouldn't be the holiday season with out us doing this day. I will be glad to see my mom and cousin tonight.


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      Happy Birthday, maxie.


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        Thanks guys! It sorta got forgotten this year. When you have surgery on your birthday you do not get cake!! Bummer...I never put my birthday on any profiles so you probably never knew I have had a birthday all these years!! As soon as I go out I am going to put on the new tie dyed cons my sister gave me. I will forever be young at heart in them because I certainly will never dance in them!!


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          I sent you birthday wishes yesterday, but will send them again today. 🍰🍦 🎉
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            ​HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAXIE. Enjoy your cake another day
            Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.