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Wednesday 12-6

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  • Wednesday 12-6

    Good Morning

    no one here yet.. so will start this for you sleepy people..

    Now I will write a bit more....
    I did get to Donna's and made lots of grease balls .. and my reward was 6 wonderful carrot cake cupcakes. She sure knows my weak spot!. plus I enjoy talking "female" chatter with her

    my dear grandson Jacob spent an hour last evening putting ink in this stupid Epson Printer!.. it goes all goofy when ink is low.. out of alinement. etc.. and is complicated to set back up ... I think when this set of inks are done .this printer will see the inside of the trash can!... I will go buy a simple,simple Hp.printer. I don't do a lot of printing now that I have retired from piano lessons.. but I did enjoy having Jacob here ..

    no major baking plans for me.. just the buns for Christmas.. David is not allowed that much sweets.. and I don't need to gain weight back... the girls will be here for their Cookie Bake and will some for me..

    Maxie, you are in my thoughts and prayers today..
    ( as all of you are..).
    be back later to read..
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    Good Morning, I have been up but doing 'finger' Christmas shopping, LOL....while hubby was still sleeping...told him yesterday I am not use to having noise all day with a tv on, he is one that must have it on as soon as he gets up...will find him a desk for his real estate 'stuff' I wish we had a murphy bed in one of the spare bedrooms, he could set up his office there and have a tv on any time he wanted, with the door closed of course.

    Today is finger poke day for the ole blood thinners, trying to keep it high so that blood clot dissolves, can't do anything with the heart with that there...also need to make a return at Kohl's, hubby needs to do some shopping at Menard's for humidifier filters and a few other things so he is going also...Maye I think I have come to the point in my life I need to stop some of the baking also, told hubby I think I am doing it just to bring back some resemblance of Christmas past but the realization it is just that, the past..gone are those days. We are just a couple of old folks growing older together now, LOL...

    Well time to get this day started, hope Maxie is doing okay...and hope jostoy is feeling well as all others on the sickly side..

    Love and hugs to all of you here my friends..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Checking in from work. A full day ahead! My worker lady comes today for 5 hours. We are going to walmart..out to lunch and putting up my Christmas tree. I think that I am now down to 4 gifts that I need to find.


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        Good morning.
        Yesterday hit only 66°, produced a light shower, and it was cold. When we got home I asked E to turn on the heat.
        But today should hit 71°, but drop to a high of 61° tomorrow. Today should be sunny, but so far it’s overcast and dreary. Perhaps the sun will show itself this afternoon. I hope the days heat and dark clouds are not from S California’s fires.
        I hope damage is minimal there. So many weather disasters lately!

        I did get my haircut yesterday, and it looks and feels good! When I arrived there, Howard ran out with a huge umbrella. He’s the hairdressers hubby. He settled me in a chair with hot chocolate and a brownie bite. Talk about VIP treatment.
        Not that I really needed an umbrella, the light sprinkling rain was really hardly worth the effort. But it was a nice gesture on his part.
        Except it reminded me of a light-drizzle day in downtown Detroit. I love walking in a light drizzle, actually. I’d just left my job for the day, and suddenly this man with an umbrella appeared. I slipped out from under his umbrella and said “no thanks,” and hastened my steps. He tried to keep up, and I’d go faster. About a block later there was a drugstore on the corner, and I slipped in its revolving door. The man had to stop and close his umbrella, which gave me time to slip out the side door, as he began to enter. I saw my bus and hopped on (2 blocks sooner than I would normally have). The good news is that the man was still inside the drugstore. Now, maybe he was just a nice man. Maybe not. I was not frightened, and calmly thought out my situation. I was just 18 and “invincible” at that age. But I didn’t know him. And I really didn’t need the umbrella. I didn’t “see” that a stranger would walk the next few blocks out of his way to my bus stop, and I wouldn’t have been so stupid to get into a car with him. That was the scenario I recalled the instant that Howard appeared at my car door...the unexpected umbrella and such a light rain! 😄

        I think that antibiotic is finally out of my system, and today I feel normal....if chilly this morning. Night temps in the 40’s, dropping to the 30’s tonight. Anyway, I’m not longing for extra sleep now.

        E wants to show me some chairs. We will probably go shopping today. His swivel recliner broke or something, and he is using a well padded rolling kitchen chair. I’m not crazy about my swivel chair, the padding went kaput. I’ve got pillows and a thick robe on it to make it sittable. Will see what COSTCO has on display. Maybe a couple other stores. He found a “nice” one, he says, at a Big Lots store, but I don’t want any more furniture from there. It’s really crappy in the long run.
        So we will see. I only trust his buying of electronics! 🙄

        No holiday shopping needed here. All holiday cards and checks went out Monday and should reach the recipients by week’s end. It’s what they want. No doubt my brother will send a box of fruits and goodies, so I have to let him know soon what days/weekends we won’t be home. He used to send flowers, but that always turned out badly. I think I got the florists’ oldest flowers. They didn’t last half as long as the grocery stores $9 bouquets!

        Hope Maxie and joystoy are doing especially well today.
        And hope that everyone has a really good day! 🤗
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Morning! I am back and only slightly the worst for wear. My little slit is more like a slash about 3 inches long that hurts and the pain pills are making me to dopey so Jon is going to cut one in half today although I think I may be over with them. I don't need no stinkin' pain pills when I have my jammies and Hallmark! The slash is more on my chest right below the neck and you have no stitches or even a bandaid. They glue it all back together and it really only hurts when I touch it. Horrible sore throat so eating soft and drinking a lot. And No one has ever heard of this either! Sierra only knew but she has had several years of anatomy. I can't drive for a week and other than this sore throat everything is fine. Monday evening I got a call from my primary doctor and he wants to talk about the ekg. The office girl was all doctor needs to see you about these abnormalities and on and on and when I ask her one question she acts like it all a secret only to be discussed with him and if I wanted to wait then they aren't forcing and, you know, I could almost hear her add bitch to the end of that. Don't know what her problem was and I told her I would make an appointment after my surgery Tuesday and this healed. Geeze! I may be all road rage when I am out and about but I have learned that dealing with doctors is a whole bunch of hurry up and then wait so I'll wait on my own time....then I'll go all road rage when he makes me wait! Lets deal with one ailment at a time then after Christmas I will have more time for other worries.,,and maybe that office girl will quit so I do not have to listen to her.

          Snow showers for later this week. I can't drive so don;t care. Darla I loved the Elf in the hot air balloons!! We are going to do that! The other day we stuck him in the tree hanging over a package with scissors and tape all over. Not very original but it took the kid a long time to find it. Keep sending those ideas because it is going to be along month! Paula that may be something to kill a few minutes in the morning with your kids...hide the Elf. If we just threatened ANdrew with the Elf watching he shaped right up. But now it is just a game and everyone joins in to see what the bad Elf is up to.

          Going in to shower and change my jams. Hope the girl rolls out early enough to do laundry before work or she will not have work pants. She needs to stay on top of my jammies too...yep, I going to milk this as long as it benefits me....or they burn my jams and roll me out of bed.


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            Maxie saw one on Facebook I know you will LOVE. Elf sitting on the shelf with its leg all bandaged (like a cast) with a note saying he broke his leg getting into mischief and is under Santa's orders to stay put until Dec 26th

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          Holding a baby and posting: help!

          Sunny and cold, but it got to 61* yesterday.

          I bought pizza yesterday and hope the kids will eat Hawaiian. I know they won’t eat the Everything pizza and I don’t want to eat anymore.

          Yesterday I looked all over for the new cat. She goes in and out so often I wasn’t sure where she was. Finally, saw her: curled up asleep under the Christmas tree!

          Facebook said it was Maxie’s birthday yesterday.
          Is that true???
          I have to lay this guy down.

          We talk about every ody’s Elf every day.
          Good lunch with yours!


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            Boo yes, yesterday is my birthday. Nuff said!

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            Boo yes, yesterday is my birthday. Nuff said!

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          Hi again! What a mixed up morning. It was MY appointment today and HIS appointment tomorrow. I was dressed and ready in 5 minutes. Somehow we got to the Cancer Center in half the time with 5 minutes to spare. There was no line, so it took me 1 minute to sign in. Another minute or two to get to my doctor’s station, and they called me within the next minute.
          I waited in the exam room for about 45 minutes.
          The doc said the MRI was great in that there is no sign of cancer returning. However, he emphasized that suddenly I have A LOT of bile stones —- A LOT! he repeated.
          So Monday I have an appointment with the appropriate surgeon to get this checked out and soon repaired.

          OBoy, it’s just one fun thing after another. I really don’t want any more surgery than is necessary. If I end up with many more “bumps” on my torso, the grandkids will call me Mrs Bubbles. Seems each surgery leaves a reminder lump on me.

          Maxi, belated birthday wishes (or sympathies) to you! 🍰🍦
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          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good lunch with yours is
            Good Luck, autocorrect!