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  • Hello Monday

    Good Morning to all....they say the cold weather is heading our way, starting Wednesday the temps do a big dip down....pretty windy out there today and 40 degrees....seems the older I get the colder I get...not liking that one bit.

    Haven't thought about nor decided what the day will bring, whatever my little heart desires I guess...I really, really need to just sit here at the computer and get my shopping done...I have not the energy nor desire to go out into the world of the convenience of shopping on line works for me...but I also know it is also the reason so many stores are closing, not enough foot traffic. I miss the days of getting a Sears and Penney's catalog, I was much more inclined to order things by phone or paper.

    Hubby has a few things in the works, you sure get to find out a whole lot about people when you are in real estate that is for sure....I like my quiet little world at home, but one thing about real estate also, it messes with my peace and quiet at home, thinking I will be finding a desk for hubby to have in the bedroom away from my area...

    jostoy loved your read of yesterday, good laugh for sure...
    Maxie your procedure is a same day procedure? what is the recuperation time and what changes will be made as far as medicine...
    Donna you had your thyroid removed?

    Well time to get my buns in gear, feeling a bit queasy to my stomach this might have some toast..

    Have a good day one and all, think winter might be making an arrival here in the North.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Good morning.
    Today weíre down to the mid 70ís, and the rest of the week will be in the 60ís. Nights are in the 40ís mostly. Right now itís 50į. Thatís a start on winter for us.

    Iím pretty much back on my sleep schedule. But he doesnít sleep very well at night, as he wakes several times. So he got ďusĒ an app for going to sleep. It has relaxing music, and a male voice directing you to relax and fall asleep. (What Iíve done for years without an app.). So I was asleep quickly enough, woke once, but pretty much slept through the night. Just waking later than usual. Iíll have to ask him if it helps him at all.

    We never did go to the movies yesterday. E said maybe go to one today, after his PT. We might not make that either, as his PT is in the afternoon today & Wednesday. Tomorrow is my haircut day. Thursday I see my cancer doctor and heíll describe what the MRI revealed. Itís a routine checkup.

    We are contemplating seeing the kids before Christmas. E can drive, his arm not a big hindrance. Iím probably more of a traffic hazard with my neuropathic feet...I canít judge what theyíre doing by the feeling so have to concentrate on that, too.

    So not a whole lot going on here.
    Hope you all have a wonderful day. ☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Hello, Monday. Sharon, I love the sound of that.

      So glad we don't have the need to shop. My nieces are jumping through hoops trying to locate things their families have asked for. I find it all so crazy. Everyone in this family has so much, and yet every year this continues. Nancy's children have given her things she has never ever used - like sewing serger and pressure cooker - just so she has a gift.

      Every year one of our local Baptist churches puts on a Christmas musical. It has grown so big that it went from one night to three. This year they are having angels flying through the air and it cost a million dollars to put the mechanisms in the ceiling for this to happen. (repeating what I've been told). Is this really what God wants us to do for eachother?

      On the bright side, the tour of homes was good. (old houses - MUCH older than my old house) Not my kind of living, but interesting. Did run into many old friends from years gone by. That was the good part.

      Speaking of old, maxie, our group from yesterday had 1 person with 2 knee replacements, 1 with 1, one with 2 hip replacements and 1 with 1 and a bad back, and one person with none. Ha Ha! But we are still going. LOL

      Well, back to pecan picking this morning.

      Hugs to Everyone.


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        Our weather here is a lot like yours, Sharon. In the 40's now but the wind chill factor feels colder. The tv guy mentioned the wind chill but didn't say how much colder it makes it feel. Wind will be a big factor all day, so not sure how that will workout for daycare. It all depends on the direction it is coming from. as to who goes outside...Hopefully, we all can get out for a little, baby included. He is starting to like the stroller so that helps.

        This was a good weekend. Saturday I got so much done and didn't waste time or energy. Yesterday was great, too.
        Today my brother is coming from MN for a few days in between his flights and home mom was complaining a bit about such a short visit, but when I explained his crazy schedule she seemed to accept it. She just can't travel on her own like she used to and doesn't want a wheelchair, changing planes and navigating airports is just not something she can do by herself.

        Today I have an early child. The new little girl has to have grandma bring her because Mom is out of town all week. So I better get going.
        Hope you all navigate your day and stay out of the way of any germs and other bad stuff!


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          Morning..looks like to could turn into something out there today and we are also going to get much colder temps with maybe a snow flurry later this week. Wow, think I could make that sentence an longer? I do have things to do today like get my stew going and change my bed. Catch the laundry up and clean up the wrapping mess. Power went out yesterday afternoon and that brought Jon up from his cave and we just blinked at each other like 'what are we going to do now?' Soooooo, he hauled up the Christmas and I wrapped and he put it back into hiding. We wrapped almost all of it then the power came back and we thought heck with this and went back to our respective tvs. I am telling you my motivation is being run by Hallmark!

          The procedure tomorrow is out patient. All the scanning has been done and xrays and ekgs and blood work and from what I understand it is just a small slit in your throat and a snip of the parathyroid. I have a shopping date next week that I have been looking forward to for a long time with my sister and niece and I am going to darn well go so recovery had better be fast and easy. Funny thing is I have never known anyone who has had this done. Had never heard of a parathyroid before this. I hate being down for any reason or length of time. I like lazing around and do it quiet well but to actually be down is another story. You all know you cannot tell me what to do...I tell you!

          I do love to shop and this shopping trip with my niece is something we have done for years and years. When she was a bitsey and it was just her and her mom she ask if I would take her to find a Christmas gift for her mom. My sister would drive all this way and Kate and I made a day of it. Shopping, lunch, wrapping. We went to the mall and walmart and any junk store that caught her eye for that special gift. She may be 35 now but we are still Christmas shopping next week! Only difference is now we let her mom tag along.

          I really do have things to get started on and you know I will not leave here tomorrow until everything is cleaned and picked up. Why do we do that to ourselves? Sharon I did so much shopping on line this year and you are right, we are probably destroying the malls. But you know, I still love being in the malls. I remember my mom and dad sitting at the table and ordering mail order with an order form. We have come a long way when THIS baby is using a computer to order Christmas! Candles are in the window and the final box of decorations is put up. Looks like Christmas is coming around have to find some mischief for that damn elf. Also need to water some plants...that droopy look is not very cheerful!


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            Maxie, last year my niece got a couple helium balloons, attached the kids underwater to them and put the elf in like a hot air balloon ride.

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          Good morning..checking in from work...doctors appointment this afternoon. Blood sugar tested high this morning but not crazy high. I am hoping they can just add another oral med to my list and that I don't have to get take insulin. I also get to pick up my new glasses today and a few groceries...


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            Good morning everyone.

            ​So glad some of you enjoyed yesterday's little story. I know I found it very funny when I first read it. It has truth, but with a twist of a little guy's understanding.

            ​Paula, I evidently didn't stay out of the way of the "cold germs". Started getting a scratchy throat in Church yesterday, and by evening was pretty much "washed out". Didn't sleep well last night to my throat hurting. Have been taking meds and I think they are starting to kick in.

            ​Just got back from helping E. take the kitties to the vet for their spay jobs. They said we should get to pick them up sometime after 3.

            ​Got all my laundry done except my bedding yesterday. Will get them in the washer after I get off here.

            ​Everyone have a good day, and don't work too hard.

            A grandmother was telling her little granddaughter what her own childhood was like:

            "We used to skate outside on a pond; I had a swing made from a tire; it hung from a tree in our front yard; we rode our pony. We picked wild raspberries in the woods."

            ​The little girl was wide-eyed, taking this all in. At last she said, "I sure wish I'd gotten to know you sooner!"

            Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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              good evening .. time to go to bed.. good book to read for awhile and then hoping for good nights sleep..

              I am in a crocheting mood. Make the crib size one for baby Elsie, and now working on something similar ,little bigger for G.Grandson. it is over half done.. should finish this week yet.. then put all yarn away until after Jan 1.. and then start an afg. as housewarming gift to Donna's Becca..

              went for eye exam today.. new glasses... new doctor.. new office.. like the dr. and his staff. and this is closer home.. picked out new frame and these will just be a little stronger. minor adjustments . and was surprised to see our ins. is picking up a lot more of cost than it used to... yea.

              Jostoy I love your stories.. always read them off to David.

              I think I may have to learn about hunting and ordering stuff on line,,, we went shopping today for the simple est things. and I had to hunt ,finally ask where things were. .came home with ONE item.. too many people and people working, re shelving . that was about 1pm.... if I go back to Walmart it will be at 7am in the morning..!.

              now to get to bed.. the Steeler football game is on the same Tv station as Good doctor. show......making me miss the season final for this season....I am extremely upset .grrrr..

              see you all tomorrow.


              • Paula A
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                I love using Amazon Prime. Two day shipping and they store my addresses I ship things to...