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December 12/2 Saturday ~ Good Morning!

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  • December 12/2 Saturday ~ Good Morning!

    Hi Everyone.

    Well, weather is warming up here and leaves continue to fall.

    We are still dealing with these dang pecans. So far, we figure our cost is down to around $1 a bag, but they are NOT pretty.

    Cleaning the church today for a big bunch of guests tomorrow.

    Have a good Saturday, Everyone.

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    Good Morning, a cold 33 degrees...I bought plenty of flannel bottoms and thermal shirts to wear inside each day....darn blood thinners sure make me cold...

    Have a new recipe I want to try today called Doritos cheesy chicken casserole, saw it on Facebook and it looked so good..also want to make a few things for Christmas, Muddy Buddies but we call it Puppy Chow, and also some Buckeye Ball ready for dipping in chocolate, and a cheese roll hubby loves. Hubby is headed to MI to help son insulate his pole barn, big barn and it has taken them sometime to get this done, works better with two people and it gives Father and Son bonding time...think my hubby needs a good dose of that..

    Looking down at my fingers while typing and can see all the knots in my joints, good ole arthritis has really set in my hands, can well imagine what some of the ones I can't see must look like...maybe the reason my back has been aching this week. Hubby did a little grocery run for me yesterday so I don't have to be out in the crowds today, thankful for him. Received my window swags from Plow & Hearth yesterday, made a bit on the cheap side for the price you pay and they are not easy to use with all windows and the instructions were non existant...well I finally figured it out, but afraid any strong wind might bring them down, thankfully they are at least on the covered porch..

    I really do need to get more serious about getting my Christmas shopping done, just at a loss on what to get anyone, money and gift cards are looking more appealing and a token gift to open...well time to get my day started figure out something for breakfast...enjoy your day one and all..
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      I love what I see in Plow and Hearth!

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    Good morning.
    Another dreary day, overcast - unusual for here - but no chance of rain. However the temps will plummet to the 60’s and 70’s within a couple of days.

    Am glad to say I got some sleep last night, but did wake twice, so it wasn’t an “unbroken sleep”, but it was more than I’d gotten this past week. I was so glad to have finished that antibiotic and it’s too-many side effects!

    Yesterday was a complete waste, after the MRI. I felt sick, which was unusual after an MRI. As we left I started coughing, sneezing, and grabbing tissues for my nose. Turns out Ellis did too, but not so bad as me. Incredible, isn’t it, how one can pick up bad germs in a “sterile” medical facility. I also had some dizzy moments. We got home and I actually napped. I changed into my flannel/thermal jammies for the day, and E did frozen dinners for supper.

    This morning I managed to start a load of laundry, and get the dishwasher going. So I’m not a totally useless bum here. I’m definitely doing better today.

    I hear you on the arthritis Sharon. My fingers have twisted, one bends at the tip of the long finger. I have a squeeze ball to try to help put some strength back in my hands. Actually, my wrists are as sore as the fingers. I keep doing what I can, hoping the muscles will do what they should. But I also keep tools in the drawer to ease opening jars, bottles, have a hook for peel-back lids, stuff like that. Then I can always count on E to help with stuff. He can still do that.

    Today there are no particular plans. I’ll finish laundry. Got 4 sweaters in the mail yesterday. (They’ll be handy sooner than later.). I love soft sweaters. Always did.

    All Christmas cards/checks are ready for today’s mail. We need to check the storage area and decide if we’re going to keep any of the various holiday stuff we’ve collected.

    Hope you all have a great day.☀️
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Sharon my shopping has been done but not one thing is wrapped. I understand hurting hands and days of marathon wrapping are long gone. I thought Sierra could help but she is just to busy...busy busy busy and now is going into finals. The house is probably as decorated as it is going to get. Andrew is just gliding along happy and in full Christmas gear. After meeting the bus yesterday he and his dad drove to the mall and watched them tear down a building. Gotta be a man thing! But he kept talking and using guy terminology like eye beams until my ears were wilting. Then he says some really dumb 11 year old thing and cracks me up but he thinks I am ignoramus grandma of the year when it comes to tools of destruction.

      The fan is hung and the box sitting by the door...the front door so I am wondering who he thinks is going to pick it up...Santa? I see where we are going to have a new tax structure. Now when the deficit skyrockets they will come after more benefits for the elderly and poor like medicare and social society and medicaid . How does the mind of these republicans work? We tried trickle down economics and somewhere the damn clogged and nothing trickled down. But it did swim to off shore banks as did all those jobs that were suppose to be created when we gave the corporations and rich more money to spend and expand. I am very disillusioned with this congress and country and maybe even people in general.

      Getting late and I need to think about what to do today. We have the visitation this afternoon and I saw on face book this morning they are giving parking instructions so I would think they are expecting a huge crowd. It breaks my heart and I do not want to go and Sierra can take our memorial..I don't know what to do...just do not want to go.


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        I can tell you as a mom who went through the guest book after our daughter's funeral: it means so much to see the names of those who came. I waws able to stand and stay by her casket to the end, but it wasn't until afterwards when I was reading the book (many times) that I could feel how others were hurting for us too.
        Either way, whether you ar able to go or not, I will be thinking of your community and your family. I remember how sad Stephanie's friends were. For most it was the first time a young friend had died. So big hugs for Sierra.

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      It has taken me a lot longer to read your posts and finally get to post because Becky keeps coming in here and talking to me.
      Oh my gosh! I should be happy but I will never get going this morning.

      I had to read what was posted after mine yesterday because I hadn't been able to get back.
      JoG, that is so strange that both you and E started reacting to that visit. could it be some chemical they clean with? Do you still have symptons today?

      I woke with a cough and will be taking Zicam and drinking a lot of water. I don't drink as much when it is cold and that always seems to effect how I deal with germs that the kids bring...

      My To Buy list is a mix of things and that is the kind of list I don't like. I just want to shop at one store or when it is Walmart, on one half of the store. I hate going from one end to the other and not even sure why, except maybe it seems to cost so much because I see other things on the way to what I am looking for?
      I know it is me that is the problem...
      A friend gave us a 30% off at Starbucks for this weekend so we will go and get some coffee my mom likes and some for my hair salon, too. When Becky managed a Starbucks in Sacramento I was able to buy all kinds of great gifts when she got her 40% off in December. My parents got a coffee maker and I got the big blender..

      Becky is baking again: for the neighbors, this time.

      I was asked to sing for a Celebration of Life tomorrow afternoon. They want Amazing Grace and Rock of Ages.
      Our Christmas program for church is going to be combined with another congregation. We share the church building with them and this way we will meet together at 10:00 and since I lead the music last year for our combined meeting, I said I would let the other chorister lead this year...yay! It is fun to be up front but it is nice to not have to do it sometimes, especially for a meeting with a lot of carols. My shoulder is good but starts to feel rusty when I have too many hymns or too many 4 verse hymns! When I select them, I keep that in mind!

      I better get going. Hope you all have a good day and enjoy yourselves.
      hugs for maxie and those who are dealing with aches and pains.


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        Good Morning, not sure what is going on today probably same as every other day. Today is my son's 35 birthday.

        I understand the arthritis crap, no knots yet, a couple fingers are curving. This week my right wrist is having problems. I used an ace bandage to see if it helped, don't know if they are made of different material now or what, but when I took it off from wrist up thumb is bright red. Don't hurt or itch just a deep red.


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          Paula, today we aren't sneezing, coughing is way less, and the sinus drainage has slowed down a lot.
          I didn't think of their cleaning solutions as a cause.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Good evening .. was a nice sunny day.. and I stayed home and in the house.. . instead of cleaning .( which can always wait)..I crocheted a lot!..making a child size afghan for Great grandson.. ...
            Talked to Donna..Her sister in law went to hospital yesterday. had sinus infection, kidney infection and took a TIA(tiny stroke) ... a high blood pressure and high colestral count.. so had family concerned.
            finally had time for a good chat with Daughter and got the family C. Eve time plans and now I have a "plan" for that and my shopping .. and feel much better about the Details.

            Many prayers and good thoughts for you who are not feeling well.

            I must have been reading yesterdays post. because I remember seeing some remarks about Pres. Trump..before we throw bricks about him... stop and remember Mr Bill Clinton and Monica. ( doing their nasty in the WhiteHouse... MY white house.almost getting impeached over it ..) and I'm sure the famous Kennedy Clan were not moral angels....What they do is their business , so long as it is not in the WHITE House. ( going back away further . FDR. had his lady ...very very hush hush,,, and again , none of our business if it is consenting adults.. but NOt in the White House please. Mr Trump may be a bit uncouth, but he knows how to run a business. and that America is being swamped with Illegals.. ( undocumented, same thing). and that they seem to be getting better treatment than a natural born citizen!.(trial in Calif.) I want the Wall.. we are taxed to death , country in debt. keeping people who should not be here. has to end or America will end up broke or in a Civil War.......... ooops.. let me get my soap Box away... and apologize to any who feel offended by my remarks. ....and now you know why I don't watch Tv. or listen to commentators. It is too upsetting and I'm a way tooooo Old to worry about it all now... just pray for peace for my grandkids!..