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Rise and Shine Wednesday 11/29

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  • Rise and Shine Wednesday 11/29

    Good morning I was up most of the night with stomach issues...I think it was huge salad I had for dinner last night...sure was good when I was eating it. I had a great time going out with my friends last night.

    Today I will work and shop and order new glasses and go to a fancy Christmas dinner with my family.

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    Good Morning, short on time this the news, drank a cup of coffee, now time to hit the shower, hubby also had an appt. this morning so even though we have two bathrooms I still like using the one in our bedroom, its a walk in one so I wait on him to finish, he takes longer than any woman ever could, LOL...

    I have an appt. this morning, then hope to do just a little shopping afterwards.

    Will check back in later...

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Morning. I am also up early to do some running. Need to run home and get an ekg and blood work. Jon is on vacation for a week and we will be doing a lot of grilling since he is going to be doing the cooking! It is gloomy out but still warm with temps finally going to drop but not far enough to normal but cooler than this past week. I am loving these 70s!

      Since we have stopped with the homework fight evenings are great around here. Last night he had a lot of math but was in a receptive mood and Sierra worked with him. It was a lot of division problems but he knew what he was was just so darn time consuming. Sierra came in and said she cheated...he knew what to do and how to do it and making him sit since he is slower was torture so after the first page she helped him. Come on teacher...there are only so many hours in an evening. Math is so very time consuming for some kids and I remember sitting evenings in the kitchen with my dad. Oh the misery! For him and me and now I can appreciate how he must has suffered too...

      Sharon have a nice time shopping... I just read yesterday of packages being taken from porches so scumbags are all over. Elaine you ask where I lived and I am now close to where El T lived and I think Snoodle is still in the area...outside of Alton Illinois which is just across the river from Missouri.

      Guess I'l go read some morning news then think about leaving. Sierra said she has errands and will ride along but I cannot wait around for her. In fact I hate waiting around for anyone..I just get more impatient and opinionated the older I get!


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        Wow, the news that came up when I turned on my computer!

        Maxie, I always wondered where you live. I need a map to put little colored pins in to show where all you guys live. that most of you can drive a bit and be in another state and visit or shop is hard for me to wrap my head around some days. 3 hours in any direction and I am still in CA, although going north I would be at the Oregon border...just a lot of high mountain passes to get there.

        Trash cans are already back in the backyard and the bathroom cleaned, top to bottom. After I leave this room I will do the kitchen floor and be ready to welcome the first child.

        My WA DIL let me know yesterday that All packages have arrived, and it is still Nov! Kind of a record for me...
        Joe, who turned 6 yesterday in Millersville, MD, loved his Hot Wheels race track. He is so excited for Becky to visit. they will also have friends from Japan who will be visiting then and so there will be a house full. The same friends who went to Hawaii with them a couple of summers ago when my mom and I went. Now they have a cute little toddler.

        I am enjoying these last few days of November. I think all the leaves are finally off my mulberry tree and will be gone today. a lot of what is on my lawn is from my next door neighbor's tree and the wind last weekend.

        Take care and I will check back later to see what all is going on.


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          Good morning everyone.

          ​Sharon, the lesion was carcinoma, and that is why I had to see the surgeon yesterday. However, I wasn't cut on yesterday as the lesion has started growing again, and he said he would have to put me under so her can "dig" around in my arm to try and get all the carcinoma cells. Otherwise, it will just come back again. I'm not looking forward to that at all.

          ​Today I may go and use the push mower to get the leaves that have blown into my yard. I haven't cleaned the push mower up completely yet. The temp drops starting tomorrow, so if I don't do it today, it probably won't get done.

          My furniture and floor protection also needs cleaned off. I could do that tomorrow. So time will tell what I'll do.

          How many retirees to change a light bulb?

          ​ Only one, but it might take all day.

          Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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            Good morning.
            I slept even later this morning. I took sleep aids about 9:30 last night, but they didnít work. At 11:40 I was still awake, so got up and read for half an hour. Went back to bed, but Iím certain I didnít fall asleep til it was closer to 1am. Itís after 8am now, and I just finished a bowl of cereal. Will be making either tea or mocha shortly.

            E has his PT today. Heís been diligent in his daily exercise. The simplest one is the hardest, pushing his hands up a wall.
            I told him that by the time heís about done with PT, heíll be climbing that wall like a spider. 😄

            Otherwise, not much else going on. Iíve already filled a bag for Goodwill, which he needs to drop off today, so I can start on another bag.
            Might try to mop the floors while heís out today.

            I doubt weíll bother trying to put up any decorations this year. Nobody will be here to notice except us. Well, maybe the fake mistletoe he bought me last year, which has a big white fake (but sparkling) teardrop gemstone on the bottom. If we visit our storage unit, weíll probably give away most holiday decorations we have, and whatever else looks like extra baggage for when we move. In fact, Iíll need him to get stuff out of my kitchen cupboards, and see who wants what, or donate more to Goodwill.

            So wishing you all a Zippity Do-Dah 😁 kind of day. ☀️
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.