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Hey ladies and gents time to wake up and start this Tuesday morning

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  • Hey ladies and gents time to wake up and start this Tuesday morning

    I am suffering from insomnia for some unknown reason and it is really bothering me, that and lack of sleep...the cats still want breakfast at the same time no matter if I am ready to get up or not...

    No plans for the day, just more shopping on line for me, trying to accomplish something...and making sure to track my packages so as to not let the thieves follow the delivery truck and have them stolen off my front porch. Speaking of which I opened the blinds on the door this morning and there was a pkg. sitting on my porch, it was my inhalers from Express I said, I need to be more diligent in watching out for this kind of thing.

    Keeping jostoy in my thoughts this morning, hoping all goes well for her today and that the biopsy will show no cancer..

    Well off to find some 'grub' to get my day started....have a good day one and all, here it is supposed to be in the 50's, not bad for end of November...
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    It must be in the air, Sharon...I woke up at 3:00-ish and couldn't go back to sleep until just before it was time to get up, right? I was not fully asleep either and it was a kind of bad dream that woke me up at 3..but, other than an appointment at 5:30 after daycare (which I will have a hard time staying awake for), the day should be okay.

    I absolutely Love the new child that started yesterday! After having met the mom and then talking on the phone with her, I really wanted it to workout. We just clicked! And then knowing the 2 1/2 year old might be a little afraid coming to a new daycare, I wsa stressed getting ready. Her mom stayed a little (always a bit of a stress, wondering if anything goes wrong while a parent is watching), but when she left Abby just stayed playing with kids in the play kitchen. And allthe kids came over when she came in (4) and said Hi, and I hadn't told them to do that. So, her mom was going to let her stay a few hours and see how it went. She kept texting and asking I told her and sent her pictures so she could see and she ended up staying until 3:30 and said I like this place! when her mom came!!! The mom got tears in her eyes and hugged me...definitely one of the Good days!~

    Today is my grandson Joe's birthday. It is also our daughter Stephanie's birthday. She died at 18, the result of a car accident when she was almost 15. Too many passengers and she didn't have a seatbelt and as a result when the car hit a pole she received a major head injury. WE were blessed to have 3 1/2 more years. So to have Joe born on her birthday was a sweet gift.

    I hope you all have a good day and hope to hear soon about Jostoy. Prayers for her . and Maxie is having something next week, right?

    Take care and those of you who are doing a lot: Read that again!


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      Good morning...already aggravated this morning. Sierra got up with me to work on a Christmas project for the wanker and not only disturbed me but needed my help. Her mood is not one to concentrate on a project and I have no desire to do anything that will go to him. Plus I want my coffee in peace and quiet and I want to be able to read and make my own snarky comments in private...I talk back to the tv and the news I read! Plus I cannot get to the coffee pot because she has the kitchen floor covered. I would like one day to be left alone with my own thoughts! Also need to grocery shop and fix a meal. The living room is full of totes from last nights tree decorating and Jon could not put them away because they hung their own ornaments and I would like one or two of my own on the tree. Andrew can only reach so high and Sierra about a foot over him and that leaves the top ornament free!

      Praying everything turns out well for Jostoy. Always something to be a bother wen you reach a certain age. The hospital called yesterday and I will need new blood work and an ekg before next Tuesday. My surgery is scheduled for 7 and we have to be there by 6 which means leaving here before 5. Be nice if we were home by noon! Last time I had surgery they were behind and I laid on that hard bed for so long I had back spasms so I am glad to be an early morning. I always try for early morning appointments for everything so I can get in and out.

      Have had a nagging headache for a week and wondering if some allergens have been stirred with this unusual warm weather we are having. A very aggressive bee was bombing me yesterday and I ended up taking a piece of wood from the pit and using it as a bat. Hitting something actually felt pretty darn good! Sharon I have looked out mornings and found a package on the porch. I wonder if they do not still deliver late into the night in this season? I also hate that! I have ordered some very expensive lego sets and the box is plainly marked LEGO...remember when you had to sign for each and every box delivered? And those of your neighbors? I have one more package coming from Amazon and then will be finished...these are the candles..I wanted electric and not battery which is all the stores are carrying.

      Guess I will go do something since I cannot get to the coffee.


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        Good morning.
        I’m here a bit later than usual, I think. Slept til 7:30, because I was still wide awake at midnight and resorted to a sleep aid.
        My insomnia is due to that stupid antibiotic I’m taking....only 4 days left. Nurse said to take it a few hours earlier each day, and maybe it won’t affect me so much. The first day it had me awake a full 24 hours!

        Hope jostoy’s biopsy goes well. I hate biopsy’s. Ouch!

        Paula, sounds like you’ve got a wonderful group of kids there. How sad to have lost your daughter like that, though.

        Maxie, those delivery guys have a set schedule for deliveries, and can lose their job if they’re slow. At this time of year, it’s tough, unless they just drop off the package, ring the bell (they seldom do), and get on with the next deliveries.
        E also argues with the TV, his iPad News, and his magazines. I’ve said several times, “Honey, you KNOW none of them can hear you, even if you shout! Right?” 🙄

        Sharon, I hope you’re feeling better soon. I have this theory, there’s only so much insomnia in this world. If someone takes a sleep aid, then someone else gets the insomnia. Sorry if I caused that for you. 😉

        No plans for today. Just gotta get stuff done as I see it.

        Hope you all have a great day! ☀️
        Now I’m going to get breakfast.
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Good SUNNY Morning! Lovin' it! It's suppose to hit 60 today. Strange.

          Yesterday was a busy one. Sue came and we sorted through all the cookies & got them packaged into orders & back into the freezers. After she left, Blaise & I went into town for lunch & a quick stop at Aldi's. As a surprise, I took him to GameStop to just look around. Well he spotted something he REALLY wanted on the clearance rack. Told him to put it on his wish list.

          Went through all my cookies & recipes, and decided how many of each one I still needed to make. Feels good to think I'm doing the final bakings. Unfortunately Sue is going to be gone most of next week, and I had hoped to finish up by next Friday. Guess it'll have to wait until the next week, unless I find some super energy to get it all done myself, which I've done in years past. Cooked dinner, cleaned up, and then took a nap. Actually watched some TV.

 big Cyber Monday purchase....a new computer. Got a HP Pavilion All-In-One. This one is 10 yrs old and living on borrowed time.

          This morning I went into town to the bank, Aldi's (forgot the cherries), WM, GameStop, and then the doctor's ofc to deliver their pie. I went to GameStop and scooped up the item that Blaise wanted. He really wanted a hand held game system, but he has more electronics than I like. I have always gotten the kids the one item they ask for from Santa, but I just couldn't bring myself to buying the new electronic. What I did get him will make him use his imagination. Now if his Mom or other grandparents want to get him that, fine. I do everything else for him.

          Next is starting to mix up the cookie doughs that I want to get baked this week.

          ((((Maxie & Jostoy))))

          Have a good one all!!! (((Sharon)))


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            Good Morning, I remember having to sign for the packages. In fact my senior year in high school I signed for so many. UPS couldn't make it up to the ridge, I worked in town so everyone's packages were dropped off at my job for me to take home. Candie orders from Amazon and they basically throw the package on the porch and run back to their truck. Some one said you can mark a box that says they require a paper signature, but I don't know.


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              good evening

              I see I have not said anything today... but nice to read what all you have done, and doing . I see some prayers and lots of hugs needed here.

              Prayer of good results for Jostoy. hugs to Paula.. and happy for the new little charge..
              JoG and Sharon,,,,, and end to your sleeplessness!... I have had nights like that...and am so weary the next day...
              Darla. I don't shop amazon, so no boxes delivered here.. I have a sign on my front storm door to the porch ( which is enclosed).. door is locked.
              .... in case it is not locked , to NOT let my Cat out!... and to the delivery people....Place packages at the back of the house..under the deck.. so far it has worked...I remember the days of signing for packages. too.. .
              Maxie, Hey, i too Like that morning hour of Quiet while I have coffee.. and just set and think,plan the day ,read....Just let me set in peace.

              went to town to day. stores not real busy.. got extra type of things at the Walmart. stocking up in case we get a run of bad weather, bad roads.
              bought some cards. but have not got any C. gifts yet,,( karen has got some for me via Amazon.) ..just idea.. looks like gift cards .

              bought a few skeins of blue yarn.. can now get started on G.Grandson Logan's crib size afghan..
              see you all tomorrow.