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  • Monday..Nov.27

    Good morning everyone.

    Will be going to Vincenes today with E. for a Doctor's appt. Then it will be "play" time afterwards. We usually go out for lunch and do a little shopping.

    ​Tomorrow she goes with me to Effingham so the Derm Doc. and slice and dice on myt arm. I may or may not feel like posting for a few days.

    Hope all have a good day.

    Children's Logic:
    ​ The teacher says "Give me a sentence about a public servant," The small boy wrote: "The fireman came down the ladder pregnant." The teacher took the lad aside to correct him. "Don't you know what pregnant means?" she asked. "Sure," said the young boy confidently. It means carrying a child."

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    Good morning...Hoping for a slow day at the store...I woke up with a bad head ache...I have put peppermint oils on for my head ache and something else to help me relax. After work I will get off the bus at walmart or some place for lunch on my way home. the buses will be busy this morning they haven't ran for 4 days.

    I got half of my Christmas shopping done last night by placing an amazon order. The rest of it for the most part will hopefully be done the 2 weekend in December minus a few last minute things..


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      I've got the day off here today. Work has had so much of me lately, that I needed some me time. I'm going to book a fair amount of time off over Christmas, too, as I simply need to recharge. My brain is still flattened after the whole Tex/hospital months.


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        Good Morning, the sun is shining sure makes a difference in my mood...

        All the Christmas 'stuff' is in the entryway and diningroom waiting for me to get busy, LOL Made my list of goods I need for Christmas baking, my grandgirls always look forward to cookies when they come for the holidays...they always make a goodie box to take to their other grandparents house.

        Hubby is off to the office until 1:00 so I will take advantage of him not being under foot and get a few things done...

        I still have a constant ache in my right chest area and right arm the cardiologist thinks it is more lung related, sure hate falling apart, guess its my punishment for all those years I one could tell me how dangerous it was or the bad things that would come later of it, just as I do not preach to anyone else because I know if falls on deaf ears...we feel its arthritis, COPD, heart disease, Crohn's disease, it requires a lot of specialist to keep me going, LOL...and soon I will have the Medicare battle and supplemental insurance everyone speaks of...

        Well now that I have been a debbie downer lets move on to the good stuff.. jostoy wishing you good things and hoping not to much chopping of the arm takes place, Lisa hope you can regroup and feel refreshed again, Bethina don't think there will be many slow days for you with the holiday season, and with that comes all the grouches also, LOL...

        Maxie so sorry you had Mommie Dearest to contend with, just when things were going so well without her around to ruin sorry about your Granddaughters loss, so painful when they are so young..

        Well time for me to get this day started, eat something take my meds, get dressed, make my bed, spiffy up the bathrooms...Have a great day one and all..

        Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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          Hello.... the weekend really flashed by. Mostly writing out cards and checks. Not done yet, by a long shot. I need to get a box to keep track of those I’ve written, so that I don’t send out duplicates.

          The sun isn’t quite up yet, but it’s another warm sunny day ahead. ☀️

          E begins his PT soon, maybe this week. Wish he’d put it on the calendar. He’s been frustrated, trying to fill a glass then dropping it. Cups of coffee, too. I reminded him that healing doesn’t happen overnight. But I understand his frustration. But he needs to do things more slowly for a while.

          As for me, dealing with this antibiotic is driving me crazy. My body seems to be trying out each of the side effects. I take sleep aids to deal with the insomnia. I need a nap during the day. The “d” has gone away. But there’s the dizziness that comes and goes now, so I have to be extra careful about standing up, not to mention keeping my balance. I hate this medication, but am about halfway through it. Reading the med’s warnings, I can be thankful that I’m not getting the worst of the side effects.

          Middle DD finally got her divorce papers. Her ex will be coming by this evening to pick up his “stuff” (which he obviously hasn’t needed these last few years while he abandoned them). She’s got them boxed and up front, and she’ll be watching that he take only his boxes, and nothing of hers. Yes, he’d steal what he could. He already has scammed her oldest daughter, as well as his own daughter. And, yes, he had even scammed his own mother out of her retirement money til she died. Hopefully we’ll never hear from him again.

          Life goes on. I have no particular plans today.
          Hope you have a beautiful day, whatever you are doing.
          Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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            Thanks for the reminder, Sharon. I am going to ask my insurance agent/friend if I should change to the Humana insurance I keep seeing advertised on tv. If it will bring down my cost of that Part B?D? whatever, it would be good. I don't have many Rx or other medical needs, yet...It is the YET that keeps me wanting insurance when I need it. But that is what kept me paying out so much after Gary died, thinking I might need all the things he needed.

            I am not sure what our skies will bring today. It is still too dark out to know. There is no wind at the moment and that is great. I swept off the patio of all the leaves that had blown over and then swept one puddle at the bottom of a slide. The other side of the climbing/slide structure was in the dark and I didn't want to walk through anything: water or doggy stuff. When it gets light enough to see I will go out and clean up.
            I have one 2 year old who will play in any amount of water, so I do everything I can to get rid of puddles.

            I ordered matching ties for Spencer and his boys but forgot to have them sent to their house. Becky is taking that package along with the cookies she is mailing out to the post office for me today. A couple of years ago I bought matching ties for Stuart and his two boys. They looked so cute at church with their Daddy and boys ties.

            I have my granddaughter Rylie playing Santa for me and wrapping the gifts for her parents that are coming through Amazon and the jacket for Stuart. Now I just need one more gift for Rylie and their house will be done! I really miss them and wish I was going up to see them like I did last year after Christmas. With Becky going to MD and all the boarding kennels full (and the price for all our dogs Exorbitant!), we have decided it is best for us to go one at a time, other than a summer trip we can reserve their place well ahead.

            I better get going. Hope you all have a good beginning to your week and Sharon, please take care.


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              Weather has brought in record breaking highs this weekend and maybe another today. Our replacement tree is up and the old one in the back of a trash truck. Went to put the candles in the windows and one would not light and I could not replace it around here so it was amazon to the rescue. Candles will be in the window in another week or so. What could go wrong has gone wrong around here and patience is not in abundance! This accident has weighed on each of us...even mommy dearest since it brought her home. She left in the wee hours of this morning. Last night when she got home Sierra came in and sat on my bed and we talked a while. When I ask how her visit went she said fine, it was good to see her but I get tired of it...did not press for what it is but at least she may be growing immune to the mommy and her crap.

              I guess I forgot to do laundry and there was a pile yesterday from Wednesday. My knees were not singing praises when I got to bed last night. Today I need to iron. Will use the leftover spaghetti sauce and put together a baked spaghetti or something pasta-y for supper. So much to do and I must get it done since I will have this surgery next Tuesday and while I anticipate no problems, I do not want to lose a week this time of the year.

              Our Thanksgiving Saturday was wonderful. This was our last Thanksgiving in this house so that brought on a lot of remember whens. The little guys were downstairs with the games and tv and we did not see them. My brother hears from one side of the family and I keep up with another side so we had to share info and naturally that leads to other conversations and can get loud. Our other brother never comes and we spent time and conversation trying to figure out if they were even in the country. You have that one odd ball that only communicates on fb and then the rest of us play Where's Waldo?...

              Guess I will see how the week will go when Sierra gets up. She is our emotion gauge. Hope your weather is as beautiful as ours. Better stock up on warm now!!


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                Good Morning, have been reading just not posting. Thanksgiving was good, all but 2 brands were here.

                Yesterday Candie and Khrystal had a funny but scarey adventure, there is a patio over the garage, entry to it is in the house. They went up to hang Christmas lights and Molly followed. She then decided to jump up on the roof and play her favorite game of catch me if you can. I didn't go out and watch but could hear it all.


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                  good late morning .

                  have been awake since 4am , up since 5am. but busy reading ,,planning, I like to know what I am going shopping for before I leave the house.. part of it is now "age" related as I forget the immediate happenings ...I can remember your grandmothers name but forget where I put the butter..and the harder you try , the further away the information goes.. .soo.. a list is my answer..

                  we are headed to the small town that has the library. dollar general and a groc store.. Library is the essential. and D.G has birthday cards reasonable.
                  not doing the Walmart store yet.. Kids still out of school today.

                  Jostoy ,David loved you fireman joke.
                  Lisa. new expression for me,,,, a flattened brain.. good description!..
                  Sharon, I still read tooooo much going on for you... slowwww want to be around to see those grandkids graduate from school!.. a few less cookies would not be noticed.. a pain in the right chest is a scary thing!... take care , dear lady, take care
                  JoG... thats some kind of wicked med you are taking.. don't you wish you could just flush them all down the toilet?.. I do. and I only take two Presc. one.
                  Paula, you can request the humana Ins . information sent to you.... and then read carefully!... a lot of advertising means read the fine print closely!
                  Maxie, I think your Sierra is growning up....eyes are getting opened wider to M.D... and this kind of sorrow helps her mature to see,how quickly your whole life changes or is gone...

                  see you later,, hubby is nagging me.. .


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                    Hi Maye - yes, Id love to be rid of my meds. Out of the question, though. This bad Med, I have only 5 more days of it.
                    I woke at 4 am, too.
                    The nurse called me today, and said the x-ray showed no pneumonia. My fever and other symptoms are gone. She said to gradually take that Med a couple hours earlier each day. Maybe itll help relieve the insomnia it creates.

                    I threw a polish kielbasa and potatoes in the slow cooker. Need to add some onion yet. Got sauerkraut to heat as a side, or dump over all. Whatever I feel like.

                    Oh, E forgot to tell me his first PT is today. I have some peace and quiet here for an hour or two. 😉
                    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.