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  • Sunday, Sunday...

    It's getting cold here. We were going to go out and do lots of stuff yesterday, but after one round of grocery shopping making us feel like we were frozen, we decided to go and home and stay home. Stuff can wait.
    This was the view from my door yesterday morning. The olives on my tree (in the left of the picture) are about readfy for harvest!

    Nothing to do today but cook dinner and maybe bake something.

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    Good Morning!

    Omygoodness, Lisa, I cannot get over that tree. You almost lost it and now it is amazing! Wow! Staying home and baking sounds wonderful.

    We, however, will be going to church. I am baking something, but not anything sweet. I made a ham and cheese overnight thing. Sure hope it works out and someone eats it.

    Had more company yesterday, and now I think everyone who came from other places has been here. It is wonderful that they want to visit their uncle (and me).

    Have a wonderful Sunday, Everyone.


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      Good morning .

      Hi Lisa and Elaine.. I will join you early birds today... getting ready for church...missed last Sun.. It was cold, wet and David was being wobbly on his legs. but will get out today.. wrapped up Warm...
      I have over- ate so much this week I will be miserable until I get it back out of my system (sure was fun and so good )..... so major cooking here today..

      ..this afternoon, have a Library book to finish to return tomorrow.. and a doz or so baggies to chop,tops,bottoms and fold.. Donna's church collects them to send where they crochet into mats to distribute to homeless and street people .. of curious what I'm doing or how they are used .click on Google .and ask about plastic bags,mats for the homeless.. If I had a bigger crochet needle I would try making a mat for my porch chair. which always feels damp in the mornings.

      LIsa. an Olive tree.. why did I not know Olives grew on Trees?.. now my knowledge is complete.. ... Love the building you see . what is it ?.
      Elaine,, John is dearly loved and his family knows he can't travel and want to see him (and you).. thats the price of being such great people!..

      hi to all, better get ready for church.. my hair need Help today.
      see you all later.


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        Those are the houses across the green from me, Janet. We live in a square surrounding a large green area.

      • Paula A
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        Maye, I live just north of Corning, Ca, one of the major olive growing areas! We have olive trees all over the area.
        Of course, the running joke people try on outsiders is to tell them to pick an olive and eat one...
        The most Bitter taste on earth! But processed makes them so good!
        Olives stuffed with garlic or almonds or blue cheese are some of my favorites.

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      Good morning, friends.
      I finally slept through the night, but with a sleep aid. Got a full night’s sleep, for a change. I feel better today.
      Everything outside here looks dull grey, but when the sun gets to the top of the mountain it’ll be sunny and get us to 90° this day.

      No plans for today. Read the paper. Have a bite of breakfast. Then whatever.

      Will just wish you all a super-duper day. ☀️
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good morning everyone.

        ​S.S. and Church on my agenda for today. Maybe lunch out with E. and V.

        Not much happening here so will just say....Have a great day.

        Little Johnny

        It was little Johnny's first day at school and he'd been told by his mum to listen to the teacher and do exactly as he was told.
        The teacher told the class that at the beginning of each day they would start with the pledge of allegiance. She instructed her new charges to put their right hand over their hearts and repeat after her, "I pledge allegiance to the flag..."
        Looking around she noticed little Johnny with his hand over the right cheek of his bottom. She got rather cross with him and told him she would not continue until he put his hand over his HEART!
        Little Johnny started crying and wailed. "But it is over my heart. I know it is because when Grandma comes to visit us, she pats me here," indicating his bottom, "and then she always says 'Bless your little heart, Johnny' and my grandma goes to church every Sunday and she sure wouldn't lie!"

        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Good Morning....still am not fully awake this morning, had a restless night of sleep and will probably need a nap...hubby is already up and gone this morning, he bought scaffolding so he could help our youngest son install ceilings in his pole barn, next spring will be ours...

          Need to decide something for supper this evening, had all I want of turkey and ham, three times is enough.. lucky people I sent leftovers home with...

          I was totally lazy yesterday, hubby fixed breakfast I stayed in my warm lounging pj's and watched a series on Netflix. Last night we watched a couple of movies on Netflix....but I was up past my usual bedtime and could not for the life of me get to sleep when I did go to bed... grrrr I am such a creature of habit that staying up past my bedtime throws me a curve ball.

          Made my list of things I need to bake for Christmas, I know all the things I make from year to year and the family comes to expect them so I will be starting to 'make and bake' the next two weeks, my fruitcake has already been made and is in the fridge, soaked in Rum first so as to marinade until Christmas time.

          Also need to get busy on the Christmas shopping, let the finger shopping continue...

          Well off to find some breakfast....Smile it just makes a person feel better, there can always be a reason to feel prayers have been for all the men and women in service that miss so many things with their sad...and St. Jude childrens hospital...Well onward and upward dear friends, have a great day.
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            Good morning...I got to sleep in this morning cori came and got in bed with me and I am going back there shortly...I am feeling tired...feels like I have been on the go all week...Same thing for the next week!

            I am planning My Christmas...I will have Christmas the Saturday before with sis and her family and my parents...we will spend the entire day together...looking forward to that...I will make home made muffins for my contribution to breakfast..Blue berry and Chocolate Chip. My contribution to snacking later in the day will store bought chicken salad and ham salad and home made pimento cheese stuff..with good bread and crackers.

            ON saturday evening my parents and I will go to their home in IL. Christmas eve will be church followed by lunch out with my parents and my bestie and her boyfriend.

            I pretty much know what I am getting everyone for their gifts...Just a matter of picking it all up.


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              Well, better late than never, but even typing that I hear my dad saying, Better never than late! Our family ran on 10 minutes early is On time.

              It was raining when we went to church, enough that we took umbrellas. When we drove home it wasn't raining but it was blowing! all the leaves that were in my yard are now up against the fence on the opposite side! the daycare door was locked but had blown open. Strong wind!

              Yesterday Becky was baking cookies for the shelter and friends and today is still baking. She made molasses and dipped them in white almond bark and then put on little gingerbread men

              sprinkles. Christmas candy corn cookies, peanut butter dipped in chocolate and a salted caramel chocolate chip cookie. I have stayed out of the way!

              Our Christmas parade was really good. It was the 50th year and had 50 entries. More than usual. It is an evening parade and all entries and mounted riders are lit up with lights and such.

              Sounds like you all had a good relaxing day...I am trying to gear up for tomorrow. The new girl (2 1/2 years old, but very verbal) will be here for a few hours to meet everyone and get used to us.

              See you in the morning!