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  • Friday!

    I hope you are all resting well, and not still as stuffed as the turkey was.
    Our shops and online stores are screaming BLACK FRIDAY at us, so it seems they haven't noticed that Thanksgiving isn't actually a British holiday...

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    Morning..I will be leaving for work in about 10 minutes after not nearly enough sleep...I was too full to fall to sleep early...combined with a cat that felt the need to come have several conversations with her mom. I only have to work until 11:00. We have a prettty decent sale on pants bottoms and skirts this morning so I am going in a bit early hoping to be done with that part of the store by the time the store opens and I am also hoping to get off a bit parents are in town but leaving this evening...

    My Thanksgiving day was great but I was glad to see my bed last night....


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      Good Morning.

      Lisa, LOL. So sick of BLACK FRIDAY screaming in our faces. My nieces went to WM last night. No buggies! Bet that was fun.

      Well, we had a lovely dinner. Nancy made turkey, ham, dressing. I made green beans, mashed potatoes, pretzel salad, rolls and apple cobbler. 17 of us together. Had visits from some other family during dinner, so all was good.

      Today we are expecting out-of-town nieces and nephews for visit. No cooking, thank goodness.

      Hope you each had a lovely Thanksgiving. Hugs ~ ~ ~


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        Good morning all.

        ​Had an excellent meal last evening, but even better was the fellowship with friends. E.'s dauther doesn't think she can cook, but her meal last evening was really good. I wasn't the only one who thought so either. Even V. got in on the meal by rolling the cresent rolls.

        ​My job today is laundry, which has already been started, and to clean the mower up to put it away for another winter. I sure don't like seeing winter on the "horizon". Have never liked winter, not even as a kid. I don't like being cold.

        Everyone have a good day, and let those stomachs have a rest today. As Lisa said, I bet there were more "stuffed" stomachs than "birds".


        Among retirees what is considered formal attire?


        Tied shoes.

        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Good morning, just had my favorite leftover breakfast sandwich, a slice of ham fried, toast with butter and strawberry preserves spread on the toast and ham in between. The day went very well yesterday, love using disposable pans, had them filled the night before and ready to go in oven, also love having double ovens this time of year. And other times just use the upper smaller one, heats faster and perfect size for me and hubby.

          Everything has been washed, dried put away now time to prepare for Christmas. The ladies I had join us could not thank us enough, one of them lived in my old neighborhood my kids grew up in and actually babysat my youngest at times, and I was there when she was younger, her Mom & Dd use to always do Christmas Eve with us and sometimes Christmas morning, all of that changed with my first move to IL.

          Everyone did pitch in to help, my hubby has always been a big help and he is also a good cook. The turkey and ham delicious, he just needs a little guidance.
          Trash day today and that is out and ready.

          Lots of leftovers went home with our youngest and the two friends that were here, hubby gave his Mom some ham, turkey and pie to take home.

          Well my plan is to stay in my lounging Jammie's, in my recliner and watch tv and do some reading.

          Gave a great, relaxing day everyone.
          Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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            Morning... It was a sad Thanksgiving for us. Tuesday night a good friend of Sierra's and her sister were killed in a horrific interstate accident. Another classmate in the car is in critical condition. It has been hard to comprehend how and why this could happen. So fast and then gone...we do not say we love you often enough.


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              Maxie that is such tragic and sad to hear, I am sorry, my sympathy to all.

            • Paula A
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              Oh, that is so sad! Please give Sierra my condolences. that poor other losing two at the same time...holidays will never be the same for them as they go forward...My prayers for the family and friends.

            • jostoy
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              Maxie, tell Sierra that we all on the R.T. have her in our thoughts and prayers. I know Sierra will never forget this Holiday from now on.

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            Good morning.

            Temps will be running in the high 80’s, maybe hit 90 on the weekend. But after that should be a run of temps in the 70’s after that. Nights are in the 50’s again, but will drop when the 70’s are here. Crazy weather.

            Doing better today. Thanks for the good wishes that were sent my way.
            E did go out for the holiday meal with nephew & niece and their wards, at my insistence. He brought home a slice of pumpkin pie for me. That and a bowl of veggie soup was my was enough, and satisfying. I finished doing the laundry from the other day while he was gone. I rested between loads.

            I don’t do Black Friday shopping, but don’t need anything else here anyway. Plus, I avoid crowds. Half the people out today are very rude and careless. The rudeness started Wednesday, I think, with our being in a crosswalk at the supermarket, and he had to stop his car and wait just a bit, he yelled at us saying “hey, a little courtesy would be nice!” Yes, but HE should be the one showing courtesy for the pedestrians right-of-way. Last year I heard about people at WM breaking into cars that clearly had purchased merchandise in them. So be careful if you see “wanderers” in the parking lots, some will be asking for money “because they’re stranded” or some such thing. They may also be watching for packages in cars and the owner is going into another store in the same shopping center. Traffic will be awful today, too.

            Maxie, I’m sorry to hear that Sierra’s friends got hurt and killed.
            You can probably blame the Black Friday sales that begin about noon on Thanksgiving and extended shopping hours. I’ll bet alcohol is a factor somewhere in those accidents, as pre-holiday and holiday time in general calls for drinks. Not necessarily the kids, but the other drivers. (In my newspapers and magazines, I see 5 recipes for alcoholic drinks for every 1 for non-alcoholic drink. Not to mention those dishes that include additional alcohol.)

            Well, now it’s time to think of Christmas craziness. I’m glad my “shopping” is in the form of checks; they all prefer cash to spend. I could get gift cards, but there’s that “fee” for each card, either paid for by the gifter or the giftee. I don’t want the recipient to have to knock off that cost, nor do I want to pay it for all the gifts....checks are just cheaper! Everyone is happy.

   I writing another book here?
            Guess I’d better get myself a cuppa something. E said something about donuts this morning....morning being whoever he decides to wake up. We’ll see.

            Have a great day. If you’re shopping today, be careful. ☀️
            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Our dinner prep and eating and clean up was great! I decided to use a baking bag and it made all the difference. Even the gravy I made was no mess and no fuss as I got it out of the bag.
              The homemade rolls were a big hit and during our dinner both my brothers called, so we were able to chat with them. The Florida brother was calling ontheir way home from their diner with friends. the MN brother was calling from home and had all three of their kids for the holiday. They had flown in form WA, OR, and UT., so there was a lot to catch up on with them.

              No Black Friday shopping in stores for me, either. My nephew (in MN) is getting me one of the last gifts I need: a jacket for Stuart from Back country, a company he works for that sells outdoor clothing and equipment...We all want to see Stuart's DNA results because he is the hiker, biker, camper that none of the rest of us are. That whole Nature vs. Nurture thing, I guess and the nurturing is from his wife's family.

              Maxie, I hope the community can come together and support that family and the survivor's family. Prayers for that one and those left behind.

              Hope you all have a good day, and enjoy those leftovers!


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                Good SUNNY Morning! Yesterday was pretty too.

                Yesterday was good. I got up and went to the church to help organize the rest of the food stuff for the community Thanksgiving meal we were hosting for the first time. We had enough food for 200 people. We maybe got 20 plus the volunteers that ate. It's hard not to be disappointed, but we knew it was a possibility. We are going to try again next year and start on the planning much sooner. Hopefully our new addition will be done by then and we'll have it in there.

                I bugged out at 2pm so that I could get home and finish my preparations for our family dinner at 4:30 at my brother Tom's house. The food was plentiful and wonderful. We packed up all the leftovers and I was sent home with all of them. Tonight I'm hosting the traditional "leftover night" meal. Becca arrive a little before midnight from work. We stayed up until 1pm talking.

                Slept in a bit this morning, which was nice. Just been plugging along cleaning up stuff and got all the leftovers into warm up pans, and my SIL plasticware in the dishwasher. I have two sets of those Nesco roaster buffet pans....3 wells each. Perfect for warming up. I'll plug them in about 4pm, an d not worry about them. I'm baking 2 more pies. I only took pumpkin pies yesterday, and I brought one whole one home.

                My nephew is picking up my Aunt J & Uncle D, and Aunt P, and bringing them for dinner. The rest of my extended family is coming except Kathy, who is working tonight. Well, back to baking two more pies.

                Maxie.....yesterday coming home from church I was praying for the family of the young police officer who was murdered earlier in the week. He just pull a car over for doing a rolling stop, and the man just shot him. Then I prayed for others who had losses and weren't finding much to be thankful for yesterday, so I guess that included Sierra's friends.

                Have a good one all! BTW....I'm not shopping either. Lisa....Black Friday is when most retailers' yearly earning are finally in the black due to the massive shopping.