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Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here..I am so thankful for you all

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  • Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends here..I am so thankful for you all

    Good Morning and Happy Thanksgiving to you all....the pain woke me up, so up and took some Tylenol and my Metroprolol. Most things are already done this morning just need to put in crockpots, oven or stove top...hubby will be cooking the turkey and ham.

    Dear friends I am so mindful today of our soldiers who are not able to be with their families, and the homeless that have no one....I invited two people here today that are so good to always help us out when needed and who have no families, it is my mission to include them each holiday and other times..I am blessed with the love of family and friends...and you all here are blessings to me also, some place I can come and blow off some steam without being judged...

    Happy Thanksgiving to you all...may the Lord bless and keep you in his care.
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Happy Thanksgiving, dear friends. Iím thankful for each of you and the friendship that we share.

    Sharon, your guy will be cooking turkey? And ham? Wow, are you ever lucky.
    My hubby is such a non-cook, except for frozen dinners maybe. I try to - subtly, of course - keep him OUT of the kitchen.

    Well, Tuesday I was blessed with improved health by my PCP.
    During the wee hours of Wednesday morning, I had severe chills, which we got under control with the electric blanket. Early Wednesday afternoon the chills were back, and I called the oncologist office at Eís insistence. I had a temp of 102.4 and sneezing and coughing up ďgunkĒ, so they had me get a chest X-ray. Then sent me home. They were on a skeletal staff already, so no results before tomorrow, or maybe Monday. Iíve been awake since 1:30 this morning, with the dreaded ďdĒ bathroom runs. But Iím still ďblessedĒ, as my #4 DD just got over a bout of pneumonia she hadnít told me about, which seems way worse than me, and just returned to work now through Saturday. So her Thanksgiving is delayed til Sunday. It sounded bad, and Iím thankful not to have caught that. She works for a hospice health care.

    I donít think Iíll be joining family for Thanksgiving dinner. Iím sending E though, because we promised them dinner on our bill. Iíll tell him he can bring me a takeout dinner, or maybe pie, but Iíll probably be napping while theyíre eating. Not that Iíll be eating much today. So Iím also ďblessedĒ with not having to get all dressed up or makeup for today.

    I hope you all have a far better holiday than mine! 😁. 💗💗💗 to all.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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      Oh Jo, I do hope you feel much better soon!

    • Paula A
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      You and E are so good to your family, Jo! so generous; I hope you are blessed to feel good soon!!

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    Good Morning & Happy Thanksgiving! My life would be much emptier and I would be much more depressed without all of you. In all our moves over the last 20 years, I've just had to plug in my computer and there you all were....just waiting for me. Nobody else to talk to or anyone else I knew at the new location, but I've had you. I'm SO BLESSED!!! My list of blessing is very very long. This year they seem clearer than other years.....both girls working & on their own, everyone pretty healthy, warm home, lots of food, wonderful husband who helps me, lots of baking orders, a great helper, and a fantastic loving extended family.

    Yesterday was very good. I was afraid I'd be going crazy, but it was a slow but sure day. Got all the pies baked w/o incident. Met some new customers & handed out some samples. So bought cookies along with their pies. Lots of laughs. One older lady called & she no longer needed 2 pies, so she only got one. I figured God had a plan for it. Well he did. At about 5pm one of my regulars called. I said, "Betty, you AREN'T calling for pies, are you?" She laughed and said yes. She had planned to make her own, but after working all day (she's in her late 60's), she just didn't have the energy to do them and all the other dishes. I laughed, and told her about the pumpkin pie and since I was caught up, I baked her a peach pie too. It was a day full of blessings.

    I did sit down & watch some TV before going back to the kitchen. I had roasted a turkey for today's church meal. Had to get it all carved & ready to go. I also carved up the smoked turkey for our family's dinner tonight. Then I got the turkey I'm roasting all prepped and ready to go for this morning. It was a very good day, and yes, I took breaks.

    This morning I'll be heading to our church. We are hosting a Community Thanksgiving Meal for the first time. We may feed 50 or 200. We are preparing for the 200. I told them I couldn't be there yesterday at all, but I'll be there today until 2pm. Then it'll be time to come home and finish getting ready for our dinner at my brother's house. I'm making the turkey, stuffing, gravy, and candied yams. I was suppose to get the cranberry sauce, but forgot. I called my brother Ray to get it. Oh, and of course the pies!

    I hope you feel better Jo!!!! You too Sharon.....take it easy. Let them help you.

    ​Blessings all!


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      Good Morning, dearest Friends.

      Donna, I echo your statement most profoundly. This family has meant the world to me. I can't help but think of all the loved members who have left us but am so thankful we came together and shared a bit of this life.

      I have had a life filled with blessings, but each day that John continues to do all right is a day I am thankful for. We've had a VERY good week.

      I have most of my dishes ready, just 2 vegetables left that will be done around noon.

      Sharon, JoG, sending good wishes your way today.

      God Bless each of you. I love you.


      • LisaUK
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        Love to you both. Please give that man of your a hug from me. Then tell him to hug you from me also. xx

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      Happy Thanksgiving, I too am thankful for all of you. I'm thankful for the fact that this year will be with all 3 of my kids, took almost dieing but guess that is what God planned. The only thing I'm in charge of is the sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce.

      Pray those under the weather get to feeling up to par, everyone enjoy your day and wear your stretchy pants.


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        Good morning...I too am thankful for each of you..knowing this place is just click away is a comfort.

        I am at my parents in IL. There will be 6 at mom's table.2 of those being friends of mine that have been with us each year for the last 9 or 10 years for thanksgiving. They neither have family in the area. We have considered moving thanksgiving to mo but it wouldn't be thanksgiving with out them.

        We will be going to my sister's fora dessert feast tonight. Home made butter pecan ice cream with toast pecans and browned butter is what I am excited about for tonight. Lunch today today I am excited for brussel sprouts..

        Most of all I am excited to be with family and see friends!


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          Originally posted by boffler View Post
          Happy Thanksgiving to you all...may the Lord bless and keep you in his care.
          Please please take it easy my friend. Love to you.


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            Happy Thanksgiving! I can hardly see through the tears your posts have brought on.
            I bought a baking bag for the turkey and hope it does a good job. I made my dressing last night and was sitting down when someone knocked on our front window! At first I was startled enough to not want to go see who it was, but it was a good friend who was bring us a pan of homemade rolls!
            Warm enough that the house smelled like I made them. Talk about a blessing!
            It is so easy to dwell on who won't be around the table, but the blessing of family is over all for me.
            Sharon, for most of my growing up years we were away from our family based far from them. My dad always asked younger servicemen to come to our house for dinner or for a few days if they had time off. How kind of you and Bethina's family to include others. In past years I have asked people who didn't have anyone to eat with, but this year I couldn't find anyone. Saturday we are getting items together for a welcome back to school ice cream treat for the elementary school that had the shooting.

            My prayers of thanks for all of you!
            And prayers for all to feel well and get better. And those good husband's, too. I was sure blessed with a great one.
            Beth, that ice cream you are having sounds amazing!


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              Good afternoon everyone...

              I am late again...I watch the Macy...

              I want to give "Thanks" to all my friends..

              We had "BIG" surprise..Someone gave us "HOT" turkey dinner.....We count our blessing..Even the pumpkin

              I want to wish everyone a Happy thankgiving...


              • Paula A
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                What a wonderful blessing! You are probably a blessing to them!

              • sassygirl01
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                It is was wounderful blessing...You know what i am going to do...???..I am making them pillows..And wall hanging quilt.I sure did..

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              Good evening,

              I am so full , I woddle.. but was a grand day with my family.. got to spend some alone time with each one.. just a chatting about their lives.. Food was suberb, extra for my apple pie, it was a disaster..good crust, went together well. but the apples were toooo juicy,,, so had watery juice in side. tasted good. .the other three pies were ok . so much to be thankful for.. but the family has to be number one.. they are stepping right up as David and I slow down. helping .taking charge.
              SassyG. so happy you were eating hot turkey dinner the same time as I was.!..

              I too agree,the Round table has been a wonderful Blessing in my Life. been here 17 years or so.. many dear friends have passed on and
              some have just withdrawn. but I don't forget them. so Glad for our circle we have and feel a closeness to all of you.. we may never meet in person but I really know you.. and Need you in my life..

              see you tomorrow.


              • Paula A
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                I made the mistake of buying a pie in a box at know, 3.98, already made.
                Not enough spices, bland crust, and happy I only wasted 3.98, and not many calories... I didn't finish my piece.