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  • to Sharon

    please read my post from Wed... its a NAG...and a pleas from me.. because I love you!. .

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    I just read your post and I have to say it brought a tear to my eyes, I am scared, I think I do what I do in hopes maybe it will just magically get better, but I am very much aware that if my heart should go back in rhythm with this blood clot it probably means death...and they can't go in after it or anything it might break off and go who knows where, once again, Dr. doesn't seem real concerned but I told my husband I think its because he doesn't want me all stressed and worried, and since he didn't give me limitations I think I can do what I usually do as always...hubby says I am a very strong woman to deal with all that I have been dealt in life...I do take my time and spread things out what use to take me one day now takes me a week to accomplish...and today most everything is done and in the fridge will just need put in crock pots or the oven, or heated on stove, hubby is cooking the turkey and ham I am going to enjoy having my sons here, and yes, even the oldest one is coming, sure his SO is not happy about that...and hubby's Mom texted LAST NIGHT they would be here, grrrrrrrrrrr, why so late...I also invited the two ladies who take care of my kitties when I am away as they do not have family anymore..

    Maye, I love you also and I love your nagging, reminds me of how much I am cared for...Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family,

    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


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      Thank you Sharon, your heart condition is a serious one, , I am happy to hear you are doing the "good" things to protect it..... and you are managing the best you can... I just don't want you taking on extra tasks.. let others pick up some of the family load.
      and when people upset you, like "mom",. shake it off.. not worth emotional stress. besides a few more people at a gathering is a given. ( unless she staying over nite)... . I will nag you to take care & slow down, Me and all the Round table folks need you here, and love you to pieces.. big Hugs!..

      ...we had a great ,quiet time at my daughters today. Thanksgiving,, did not do anything but eat and talk.. moving from person to person, to spent time with each Grandkid. and spouse. 3 of my pies were successes but the apple pie was a bomb.. .wrong too juicy and not enough flour to thicken..taste ok. but soggy mess. brought it home.!. ...guess what.. I just didn't worry about it a bit.. Next year someone else gets to make apple pie..