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Thanksgiving Eve Day, Wednesday

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  • Thanksgiving Eve Day, Wednesday

    Good Morning to all, still dark outside, to much darkness for me...yesterday was a bust, woke up to find they could not shock my heart back in rhythm as I have another blood clot in the upper chamber of my heart...will stay on medication and see if it dissolves in a month, in the mean time I live with a pain in my chest that is very uncomfortable...amazing how no one really knows how uncomfortable it is but you and with all the craziness of pain meds out there they are hesitant to give you it messes with the heart also.

    I am on my way to getting this Thanksgiving meal together, will make my last pie this morning...used the King Arthur pumpkin pie recipe. When I went to get my homemade pie crust out of the freezer this morning I found that hubby had put a bag of ice above it on the shelf that was leaking and you guessed it, right down on my crust, I think after it thaws a bit I might be able to fill in the spot that came off when I removed the Saran Wrap from it, the inside of the pie was filled with ice so I didn't want it to melt and ruin the whole pie crust. Men sometimes do not think and use caution.

    I will get the potatoes and eggs cooking for potato salad, I am a morning person so I do my best work in the will go read the news and get my day started....and if I am not here in the morning, Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving to all...may we all be thankful for the lives we have and the friends and family we share it with...I am thankful for all of you here...
    Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God

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    Originally posted by boffler View Post
    Good Morning to all, still dark outside, to much darkness for me...yesterday was a bust, woke up to find they could not shock my heart back in rhythm as I have another blood clot in the upper chamber of my heart...will stay on medication and see if it dissolves in a month, in the mean time I live with a pain in my chest that is very uncomfortable...amazing how no one really knows how uncomfortable it is but you and with all the craziness of pain meds out there they are hesitant to give you it messes with the heart also.
    Oh dear!!! Oh thank goodness they found it though. Oh my.


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      Good morning all! Boff I will pray that your blood clot dissolves!!

      I am headed to work in 45 minutes..we have a pot luck today....lots of good food! I made 2 pans of with walnuts one with out...My favorite are the ones with nuts...I am not as pleased with these brownies...I tasted both kinds when I cut them and put them in another pan this morning...Aldis has the best brownie mix I have ever had...these are duncin hines and just don't measure up...lesson learned keep brownie mix on hand.

      After work and after lunch my sister will take me to the metro station and I will catch the metro train to the other end of the route where my dad will meet dad uncle p and 2 of my friends will share a meal at noon. Then mom dad and I will head back this way and have dessert at my siste with her gathering of 25. I am really looking forward to my mom's home made butter pecan ice mom's dressing and my mom's meat loaf. Thanksgiving is my mother's most favorite holiday and really shows...she is such a great cook....she has my grandma Hoffman's dressing down pat...something no one else has been able to do!! I told her its a grandma hoffman trait.

      If I don't make it in the morning..I am thankful for our little rounder family...I love you all..don't eat to much!


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        Good RAINY Morning! We had 2 days of sunshine & that was helpful & good.

        Sharon....I'm prayin' for ya girl. Couldn't they just go up and grab the clot and do something?

        Yesterday was good though a bit crazy. I had so much to do and the phn wouldn't stop ringing. I started my day by delivering a plate of cookies to the doctor's office and then to Aldi's to pick up 2 items. How did I spend $50 and come out with 5 bags then? LOL!

        Came home and TRIED to get the pie crusts ready to be filled, but the silly phone kept ringing & people coming. It was a good problem, but was putting me in a bit of a panic. 500 doz cookies ordered is my goal, and by the end of yesterday I had 494. Love it! Going to call my regulars and give them a day to figure out what they want on Friday, and if they snooze, they lose. I'm cutting off. Dec 2nd was suppose to be the cut off date, but the orders came faster than that. I'm blessed!!!!

        The phone finally stopped ringing around 4pm, and I finally got things organized and done. The pumpkin pies are done, both turkeys cleaned, and other pies prepped. I went to bed feeling so much better.

        This morning I've already got the 4 fruit pies baked, and now I'm working in the apple pies. While they are baking, I'll be making the cream pies. I'll be roasting the turkey for the church's meal tomorrow and get that all sliced up and ready to take. I'll roast our own turkey tomorrow & put Corky in charge of it....scary!

        This afternoon it'll be like Grand Central Station around here. Big sigh of relief once that's done.

        Have a good one all!


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          Good morning!
          Sharon, you are sure going on my prayer list. Your attitude and activity is awesome, but do take care and pace yourself, ok?

          Beth, it sounds like you have a great bunch of plans and people to do them with. Happy Thanksgiving and wish I had an Alsi's to try their brownie mix. My favorite fast recipe is the Nestlé's brownie recipe and my go to mix is Ghirardelli and always add chocolate chips.

          I think I am having only one child is a 4 year old so that is better than if it was the baby. And it isn't supposed to rain today and that will help a lot. He and I can go outside and do things. Me: rake up leaves and him: run around and help me put the leaves I the yard waste can.

          Donna, if you got out of the store with 5 bags and only 50.00, I call that a bargain! Our prices seem to have gone up. Butter, milk and cereal are all up.

          I need to get up and start doing things. I just don't really want to, though! It would be a great day to just stay in the kitchen and get a start on the dinner. I am so thankful I have two parts of it done: the green bean casserole and the cranberry sauce. cooking the cranberried in apple cider instead of water really made a difference. I bought apple cider at Walmart that said what kind of apples it was made from!

          Garbage trucks are picking up and I need to get the cans back in the yard behind the gates. How anyone can keep them out front in town is beyond me, but three of my neighbors do...

          Have a good day and take time to smell the food cooking and count your blessings! You all are on my blessing list!


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            Good morning everyone.
            Last night I woke up shivering...not sure what time it was, but it was very very dark. E got out the electric blanket, and one I felt warm I fell fast asleep til about 9am.

            Emailed my kids yesterday. They all have different plans for the holiday. Looks like some grandkids are cooking the festive dinners. What do vegans serve for this holiday?

            Our checkups went quickly this time. The PCP has a very nice, young PA.....he gets his diploma in January.
            She didn’t do much of anything for E though. His pains are probably bruised muscles. His toe needs to be seen by another doctor, who may have to remove his nail. Had to laugh....she saw the improvement in my nails since I started using Tea Tree oil on them. And I keep the bad nails very short til the infection grows out. That’s pretty much the info she gave E to follow til he sees the other doc. He won’t, though, you know. It’s a guy thing. Guys don’t use “pretty oils” for stuff.

            Well, he’s up and about now. I guess I’ll go start the laundry. He’s fixing his breakfast and will clear out the dishwasher.
            Have a great day.

            Guess what?
            Today I have a temp of 102.4!
            Had to do a walk-in appt for a chest X-Ray, then pick up a MED at our phrmacy.
            I just feel very beat right now, and an early bedtime sounds good.
            I wonder if I'm up to tomorrow?
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            Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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              Just took the last pie out of the oven & now just catching my breath. Next.....the filling for the banana nut cake, then start cleaning up the kitchen before customers start rolling in. I need a nap.

              Paula....I didn't buy any meat yesterday, just bulky stuff. Aldi's REALLY stretches your dollar. It blows my mind that they have their butter at $2.29 and the other store's sale price is $3.99. Crazy!


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                Good Morning, have no idea what these kids are doing, I'm just trying to stay out of the way. Guess we are having both ham and turkey. DO got two thanksgiving baskets from two different places and didn't get a turkey but 2 hams. So Candie bought a turkey last night. Not sure what we are having with it, know green bean casserole, (had to stop her from getting green beans since we have a case in the cupboard) will have the traditional stuffing, I will do sweet potatoes and open the cranberry sauce. Ellen is bringing broccoli rice casserole. I picked up frozen yeast rolls. I think she picked up asparagus and she said something about cabbage casserole.


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                  good late afternoon... just finally found some time to set down here. I first did the things my house needed.. laundry.and putting things away.. I washed up all the winter nylon type coats and all the sweaters. so ... now I won't have to go shopping for a coat,, and lots of other stuff. after our lunch.. I started in on the the preparation work for tomorrows pies.. I did have the dough made already.. getting the apples pared is a time consumer. cut them . put in plastic freezer bag..sucked out the air and put in refrig freezer.. Donna's idea.wont turn brown.. thaw quickly in the morning (maybe little help from the Microwave)
                  .....had the dough warmed up and rolled our 4 bottoms and one top... put in pie pans, in fridge ,ready for morning . all ingred for the other pies lined up on the counter. how did all that take almost 2 hours?. oh yes, I had to clean up the mess too..
                  ....gave myself a break. reading ,, then decided to make a quick recipe of choc. no-bake cookies.. Karens kids favorite !. as a surprise..

         all of you here today that just read that... NEXT YEAR. God willing we are all here,,, remind ME ,, NOT TO VOLUNTEER THE PIES!!!. standing on my ceramic kitchen floor that long was just what my legs and KNEES did not need ... and tomorrow morning I will have to put all of it together Early.. but it is still easier than doing the entire dinner here as I used to do... darn,, I am just getting toooooo old for this!..

                  The shot in the knees at the Orthopedics.Dr. is going to help for a bit .. but today they were just uncomfortable where the needle went in. but no pain ,more like a stiffness..

                  SHARON many prayers, I will worry about your heart.. and nag you to death to take it easier!!!!!!!!!!!!,,, eliminate some of the stuff you are doing may have the greatest Thanksgiving ever... superb cook... BUT.... you can also drop over .. tooo much work ,stress. etc etc... nag and more nag.. but super serious... you have a heart that is not functioning properly... ...please ,please, take care of yourself, love you much too much to have something happen to you.!!!!!!

                  Bethina you sound happy.
                  so do you Paula
                  and I called Donna to chat today... she must love me ,didnt hurry me away..busy lady too. has a great helper in Sue
                  Hi Darla and Jo G.
                  and Elaine, happy Thanksgiving and your cooking to today.
                  WAVING at you Lisa... so happy to see you here..
                  and all who come in and read, smile , leave a note.... hope your Thanksgiving tomorrow is great

                  and for all you who are going shopping tomorrow night and Friday.... please drive Carefully!!... ( I personally think you are nuts, we only went one time and never ever went shopping on Black Friday again )