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Yuesday...Nov. 21

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  • Yuesday...Nov. 21

    Ticking down to Thanksgiving.

    ​Have to go to W.W. to buy a few things this morning. After that...the day is free.

    Will bid you all a good day.

    My grandson was visiting one day when he asked, "Grandma, do you know how you and God are alike?" I mentally polished my halo and I said, "No, how are we alike?' "You're both old," he replied.
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    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.

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    I don't have any idea what language I was using this morning when I posted.
    Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


    • Paula A
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      I read that as Yous better get going with this day!

    • boffler
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      Oh my gosh now she is talking with an accent, LOL

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    Good morning....
    Jostoy, thatís actually a T, up early and stretching itís arms.

    This morning we both have a checkup with our PCP. itís a ďjoint apptĒ.
    I have no issues so my half will go fast.
    E has a swollen toe. Last time she said it was gout. But it isnít. Now it looks like itís infected.
    Sheíd better do something for him today, or he will be mighty upset. Frankly, I think he stubbed that toe when he fell in the yard....but his shoulder was more hurt at the time.

    Well, off to get ready. Iíll be back later to read.
    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


    • maxie
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      Hope your dr visits are both good and E gets his toe taken care of..poor guy shouldn't hurt from one end to the other...

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    A good was to start the day, Jostoy: I took that as You have the day so now do something with it!

    It is much warmer out this morning because of the clouds so it is in the upper 50's and the cat is happy on the back porch for a bit.

    Today the baby should be here; yesterday he had shots and didn't come. The 2 year old will not and that gives me a break. I got a call from the mom who I interviewed and rally liked: they want to start Monday. Her husband got the job here in Red Bluff they were hoping for and they will be moving here the end of the month. So, I am really happy about that.

    I will be gong to the store after daycare today. Not my idea of fun, but I totally forgot my mother really likes/expects fruit salad for Thanksgiving dinner as well as Christmas. I am going to make a small amount and serve it in individual bowls and not the Huge one I use when the whole family is here. It doesn't serve well as a leftover because it is made with whipped cream and has fresh bananas in it. I have really sweet small china bowls and that will work out. Just means a trip to the store...where I see lots more than I thought I was going for and then come home with a basket full of yummy stuff.

    Today will be dusting before the kids get here and then cleaning the daycare areas as the baby permits.

    Jo, I hope both you and E get the attention and care you need today.
    Take care everyone and have a good day!


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      This my third attempt to post something and it will be my last for the day. I have to run home for some errands and be home to meet the bus. Drew has early dismissal and bringing his cousin with him. Then his uncle will pick up both boys and they are off for Thanksgiving haircuts. They will be here a short amount of time then my holiday will start!! Have a good day...


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        Good Morning. Candie said we are going tonight to pick up last minute stuff. We took Molly to the park yesterday, she was being a brat to Candie, she normally walks around the lake with her but yesterday she refused, kept running back to me. Candie said it's because she now spends more time with me. We thought we were getting off good, normally before we get down the block she is slinging drool everywhere, she didn't drool at all going but on the way home she threw up all over the back seat (usually reserved for longer trips).


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          Good Morning! It's another sunny one & I LOVE IT!!!

          Yesterday was a busy one. Sue & I busted butt all morning, then I headed to Giant Eagle to finish up the grocery shopping for our church's Community Thanksgiving Meal on Thursday. Cooked dinner, then iced cupcakes for Blaise's class. He told me over the weekend that he was going to be Star Student for this week & needed a snack. Unfortuantely he forgot to bring the sheet home telling me what I needed to do, so I had the cupcakes already baked by the time he got home with the sheet. His turn isn't until the first week of Dec. We still iced & decorated the cupcakes. Got the bread ripped up for the stuffing.

          This morning I took a tray of cookies into the doctor's office instead of a pie. Then hit up Aldi's for my last minute stuff. I only had two items on my list, but I came home with 5 bags of stuff. How's that happen? Now I need to get started on making pie fillings and getting the shells filled. I've got several customers coming today to pick up their cookies & pumpkin rolls. Best get busy!

          Oh....Calipso came in yesterday limping. The cats like to hang out in the attic. She went up, but she hasn't come down. I went up this morning to see if I could see or hear her, but I couldn't. I'm afraid maybe she went up there and died. I feel bad. Will send Cork up later to look for her.

          Have a good one all!


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            Thanks to those of you who made an excuse for my "stupidity" this morning.
            Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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              Good morning..some of you may have seen on Facebook I had take fur baby to the vet..she just wasn't acting right...acting like she didn't feel good. The vet seems to think she has anxiety.


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                LOL jostoy, I thought maybe it was a euphemism for something I didn't understand.

                I could edit it, but its too much fun to do that to it.

                Well, I am meditating before the onslaught of cooking begins. Don't have that many things to make, but it drags out for a day and a half, and I need to build up my strength.

                So today, just getting organized and a little cooking for us.

                Have a great Yuesday, Everyone.


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                  Would love to respond to everyone but limited computer time....had the TEE and he found another blood clot in my heart, he said same spot only bigger this time...continue with blood thinners, will try again in a month, then if it is still there he will put me in the hospital and try and medicine that has to be monitored when you start it...was supposed to get a colonoscopy in January and he told me to cancel still in hold pattern, still having pain, and still having trouble using my right arm and shoulder very much...tired been a long morning and day...have a great day one and all....
                  Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God