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Monday, November 20, Countdown to Thanksgiving

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  • Monday, November 20, Countdown to Thanksgiving

    Good Morning.

    Cold but tolerable here in NE Texas. It's 3:50a, and I am ready to get to the market to get shopping done, but I really hate to drive in the dark so I guess I'll wait until first light.

    I make the same things every Thanksgiving. I never have to ask Nancy what to bring. I already know. We might try one new dish, but her children like the traditional stuff, so it makes it easy.

    Hope all is well with everyone and that you are organized and ready to go.

    Hugs to Everyone.

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    Originally posted by ladyebug View Post
    Good Morning.
    Hugs to Everyone.
    And hugs to you and John too!

    All good here. Tex is back at work. and seems to be doing pretty good. Now to get some weight back on him. The man's butt totally disappeared!
    Rainy and cold here, and it seems our shops are now pushing Thanksgiving at us, which is just plain old weird.
    Spent my weekend doing nothing but watching Christmas movies, as I stayed at a friend's house. I needed that.


    • Paula A
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      We baked cookies yesterday and watched Christmas movies!

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    Good morning...I have a very busy week ahaed of me...and am having trouble getting going this morning..I wanted to cook my sister an egg sandwich..I don't want one..of course I want something different but its fine I think that I can get it all done and still be out the door at the appointed time...

    Today I will work this morning..volunteer this afternoon...and clean tonight
    Tomarrow is a repeat of today but add making two pans of brownies to that. luck at work...going to my parents


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      Good Morning, pretty gosh darn cold here this morning...27 degrees...Got all the shopping finished for Thanksgiving, just wish I knew how many were really coming...hubby's Mom and her husband can never give you an answer until the day before or that day, same with my oldest son, his SO tries to guilt him into not ever coming here for holidays, she always invites her family to their home for holidays, which she never use to do, but now does it every year...My hubby gets upset with him Mom that she just can't say they are coming here for Thanksgiving...but her hubby sure likes to collect the leftovers to take home when they do come...

      It was funny, they can't make their minds up about Thanksgiving but she sent a message to everyone about Christmas already wanting to know how many will make it...and as usual they nag my daughter about if she will be there, well I am sorry, my daughter and family have a very long drive from GA why can't people come here to see them...instead of asking them to drive over and hour and a half to come there...oh well, holidays bring me stress, long for the days when it was a whole lot more simple...

      I will enjoy Thanksgiving, everyone is concerned because of my cardioversion, I told them I went to Hawaii after the last one and I will be fine after this brings me peace and enjoyment...

      Lisa so glad Tex is back to work and on the mend, sure you will have him beefed back up in no time...funny about Thanksgiving, my sons SO is from Sweden and of course Thanksgiving is not a holiday for them but she says now that she is here in the states she sure enjoys it, LOL...

      Aunt Maye its time for you to let the younger folks take the holidays by the reins and just sit back and enjoy it, new traditions of their own.

      Sassy, good to see you around here...

      jostoy looking forward to read your wisdom of the day.

      Maxie is Mommy dearest in town this week?

      Have a great day one and all....
      Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly, and leave the rest to God


      • maxie
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        Will not hide nor hair of the mommy until the week after Christmas. She will be here to terrorize for a week then hopefully disappear back up north for a year.

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      Good morning, friends.
      No sign of the sun being near to bring dawn yet. Iíve been up for an hour. Have kitchen cleaning up to do from. I slow cooked Eís ham yesterday, an it was yummy. Thereís so much of it, though, weíll probably still be having it for Thanksgiving, too. Guess the turkey will be for Christmas.

      I dragged out a bin of winter duds, and will be ready when the colder weather hits. Some of the sweaters will do for me now, in fact. Mustíve hurt my back moving the bin, as I needed an ibuprofen and heating pad, and a 30 minute snooze, til the pain went away. I have another bin to go through today, but E will move it for me.
      This morning the house is 72į inside, the tem outside 59į......itís warmer here than where I grew up, for sure....but Iíve been here long enough that the 72į is quite chilly to me.

      Elaine, I hope you beat the crowds this morning.
      Lisa, Hi !!! Glad to hear that Tex is on the mend.
      Beth, the egg sandwich sounds good!
      Sharon, all families have their quirks. Makes like a bit more ďinterestingĒ. Just take a big breath and be ready for anything.

      Looking forward to reading the rest of the posts later. Nalani, hope youíll be having a good holiday week, too.
      Judy G, too.

      The sun looks like itís reluctantly going to make an appearance soon.
      Guess Iíll get started on the kitchen now.
      Have a great day, all. 🤗. Hugs back at ya! ☀️ Stay warm.
      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Good morning all.

        Well I laid in the bed for a while this morning AFTER I heard the wind will be from the south today. I had planned on mulching more leaves, but I will wait until the wind is from the north. People on the south of me still have leaves on their trees. I hope that the next mulching will be my last. I want to clean the mower of for the year before it gets really cold.

        ​Have 1 bill to pay this morning, and after that, I have no idea what might pop into my little pea-brain. Since there is nothing else to inform you all about, I'll just say have a good day.

        My young grandson called the other day to wish me Happy Birthday. He asked me how old I was, and I told him "I am 62." My grandson was quiet for a moment, and then he asked, "Did you start at 1?"
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          Good morning! I am looking forward to this 3 day work week, even though the dinner prep makes for some work. I have our green bean casserole done and in the refrigerator, as well as the cranberry dish. For Christmas I am making a cranberry recipe that calls for orange marmalade! A friend told me he is providing our rolls and I have two pies and the turkey is thawing...sweet potatoes and dressing won't be too hard at all.

          A message popped up on this desk top yesterday that I should update from our Windows 11. I was on a church site doing some genealogy so I trust them, but just wondered if any of you have updated lately? I am not sure my Dell is good enough or how it will effect everything, Round Table included.

          I cleaned the office floor this morning and now need to go and do the living room.
          Like I commented on Lisa's post, we watched Hallmark Christmas movies yesterday and made molasses cookies that then got dipped half way in white chocolate and then sprinkled with tiny gingerbread men. Becky is taking them to the shelter later today. Her schedule next semester will be brutal and I doubt she will be able to volunteer on a set day.

          I hope you all have a good day and all stay healthy!


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            Cold morning here also but sun is shining. Need to grocery shop today and then clean what I am going to clean tomorrow and cook Wednesday.There will only be 4 of us here for Thursday but then need to cook again Friday for the BIG dinner on Saturday where there will be 23 of us gathering. I cannot wait! I always hosted Thanksgiving but it left Jon without a dinner if he worked so I always cooked him a Thanksgiving meal on his weekend off either before or after. People started wanting to come to that dinner and we decided with the weekend workers and 'other' families that changing our dinner to accommodate Jon made for a 100% participation. My sister has a large house and it gets loud but I am looking so forward to it. I will still cook on actual Thanksgiving because Jon says he has not had dinner on Thanksgiving Thursday in years and wants it...I don;t care because he will do most of the cooking. This family likes a traditional dinner also and we will have the exact repeat on Saturday! Andrew will be with mother and I am not sure what Sierra will be doing....her grandmother is doing dinner the Sunday after but that does not mean she will be joining us on either Thursday or Saturday. Seems whatever we do is negative and mean and whatever everyone else does is wonderful. So be it...she always get attitude around the holidays and this year could be worse with mommy dearest gone and not attempting to come here until after Christmas and then only a call for her 21st birthday. But I am sure somewhere in there it is all our fault.

            There is frost out there and wishing I had an island to run off sun on my head warm and on my toes. Cruises scare me because I am afraid I will be stranded at sea without running water and trash pickup but I can see why people do them at the holidays. I am already over this winter stuff and we haven't seen a flake yet!

            Need to get moving and greet the day. Make a list of all that needs doing. One good thing is the holidays make me clean a little. Have a good day. Holiday weeks are pretty much fun weeks.


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              Good SUNNY SUNNY Afternoon!!!!! LOVE IT!!!! Now it's as cold as a well diggers destination, but it sure helps the mood & energy level.

              Even though it was dark, dreary, and just plain miserable all weekend, I still got things done. Saturday my nieces stopped on their way home from college & baked with me for a couple hours. We had a nice visit.

              Yesterday after church & SS, I came home and prepped stuff for cooking Orange Ck and Spinach Alfredo Pasta. Stopped around 2pm, and Blaise & I headed over to a local nursing home and did the Sunday service for them with my SS class. We do it about once every few months. Blaise loves interacting with the older people. Got home from that, and prepared the two dishes. The Orange Ck I took with me to cards, and the other dish was for Corky's dinner and lunches for the week. Bless his pea pickin' soul, he cleaned up the kitchen both times. I'm blessed!

              Had fun playing cards. My oldest niece was our 4th player, and the youngest had to go work through her failed Math test with her Dad for the evening. He was trying to help her understand the concepts.

              This morning I felt like I was going around like a chicken with it's head cut off. Sue arrived, we talked thru what needed done, and off we went. Got everything done that needed to be this morning. I can breath now. I've go so much on my plate for this week.

              Next is going to the grocery store & finish shopping for the church's Community Thanksgiving Meal that we are hosting for the first time. Need to figure out what I need for the items I've been assigned to make for our family meal. I'm making the turkey, stuffing, gravy, pies, and yams. I think I have everything for all that. I have JUST enough canned pumpkin for all the pumpkin pies ordered, but just incase someone calls at the last minute, I'd like to have a couple extra cans. I've got orders for 17 pies so far & 2 of my own. I had Sue roll out all the pie crusts today, and rolled out enough extra for a few more pies if someone calls. Re-made the gobbs this morning and have them packaged up along with the 10 doz Ladylocks needed. Getting all that done takes and big weight off my shoulders.

              Have a good one all!


              • Paula A
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                And you know where all that weight ends up, right, Donna?
                Those Ladylocks are worth every ounce!

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              Good afternoon everyone..

              I am late again....I been working on friend birthday gift...

              Her birthday land close to Christmas...She ask me to make her pillow..And ask for "HARD" one..Just one...Hard like rock...

              Not me..I like my pillow.soft and fuffy....So that i was going..And my two little