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  • Responsible pet ownership

    One of our neighbors has a American Pit Bull dog named Ziggy and he is so good. They take him on their golf cart to the pond area to do his business and he looks so cute sitting in that front seat. Ziggy is so well behaved and his owners are very mindful of him. I love that. The fact that people care about their pets and care about others around them. I have commented on this to them several times.

    Now, on the street over there is another guy who keeps his dog on a chain all day and then lets him off at night. One of my other neighbors says this dog has pooped in her yard and she has confronted him about it. He says he does not care about the rules of this community and will not do anything about it. That same dog has pooped in our yard too, several times. I've never seen the dog poo, but I know it's the one leaving his calling card. I have cleaned it up, of course, but it saddens me that people would have a dog and treat it that way.

    I know this house had carpet when we bought it and there were stains all over it. The lady who lived here last lost her husband and I suppose she was unable to care for the pet. I don't know, but the first thing we did was buy laminate flooring for the whole house. My husband goes barefoot all the time because of his neuropathy and he could not stand walking on the carpet and I didn't like the stains.

    Moral of the story is, folks should think about all these things before they adopt a pet. We raised our fair share of pets and when we started out we were not responsible enough and it caused problems with out neighbors. We learned the hard way that you have to make a commitment when you have animals. One of our dogs demolished our door trying to get into the house when I worked long days, and one of my clients had a dog completely destroy the inside of their home while they were gone. Dogs will either get in or out one way or the other and if they can't you are going to get destruction.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh