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Bears, coyotes, and Wild Turkeys, Oh My!

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  • Bears, coyotes, and Wild Turkeys, Oh My!

    Yes, we have all those critters in this community, plus Armadillos, rabbits, and more. I'm glad we live up on the hill instead of down by the woods. The bears are always getting into folks trash cans. They had to start putting them out on the curb the morning of pick-up instead of the night before.

    I love the rabbits and the birds. The birds make a lovely song and when I start digging, watering, or working in the garden and yard they go into high volume anticipating the worms that I'll turn over. Last spring I had leaves under a Crepe Myrtle tree and moved them to the garden. A few seconds later the Eastern Bluebirds flew in and ate all the worms. They are my fav bird.
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