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    Well, I was crying this morning when I got in the car after going to the pharmacy to pick up DH's meds, and I've been in such pain today. I did keep my appt. with the Chiropractor even though he is over 15 miles from our home. He did a really good job of massage on my spine, back, and buttocks and he adjusted me. My legs were 3/4 of an inch difference in length. I felt better after all the pounding, but as soon as I stood up I could feel the stiffness in my knee. So I'm not adjusted yet and even though I have a F/U appt. for Monday I think I'll call tomorrow morning and cancel.

    Here is what happened. Yes, I was still limping when I left the doc's office, but not as bad as usual. I was okay driving toward home, but when I started getting close to Aldi's I figured I had better stop and get some food. I did and when I got back to the car I was in pain again and on the drive home I was screaming in the car and just praying for God to get me home safely. I am not sure that doc can help me get rid of this pain.

    I am so frustrated and disheartened. That was probably $94 down the drain. Hey, did you know gas is $2.77 a gallon?
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    Karlinann did the Chiropractor tell you to use ice to reduce inflammation in the joints? Also alot of times it takes more than one treatment because your joints are inflammed.


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      Yes, Beth, he sure did. Thank you for your encouragement. I am feeling better this morning and I know I would benefit from another visit. That pinched nerve is really bad and locks up my whole leg. He told me I would be able to walk again so I will go back.