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  • Lasagna

    Two 28 oz cans Crushed Tomatoes, 1 stick butter or Oleo, 2 Sweet Onions, Lasagna noodles already cooked, 2 cartons Ricotta Cheese, and 5 eggs. Shredded Parmesan and a lb of Hamburger. Fry up the hamburger meat and set aside.

    In a medium sized pot put your sauce on to cook; put the margarine in the pot first, then quarter the onions and add those and lastly add the Crushed Tomatoes. Cook on medium heat until it starts bubbling, then reduce to a simmer for about an hour. The onions need to be sweet onions to give it good flavor.

    Now you can empty the 2 cartons of Ricotta into a large bowl and add the eggs and stir, stir, stir until the eggs are well blended. If your sauce is done you can start layering. In a 13x9 pan add a layer of sauce, noodles, meat, & cheese in that order until you get near the top of the pan. End with a layer of meat. Bake in 350 * oven for 45 minutes to an hour. You can sprinkle on the Parm when it comes out of the oven if you want.

    Following is a Vegan version. Replace the Ricotta with cottage cheese, and replace the hamburger with spinach. It's delicious and way less expensive. Manga, Manga!
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    I like your amount of ricotta and will use it. also more eggs. I never use cottage cheese but my recipe uses only one large carton of ricotta and I always think I need more...


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      The Ricotta I used was the smaller containers. It's been many years since I've made Lasagna from scratch, but I do remember the recipe. DH taught me. Personally I think there is no such thing as too much cheese or too much garlic. Manga, manga!