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Is this the Twilight Zone? Or What?

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  • Is this the Twilight Zone? Or What?

    (In the background, eerie music)

    Every once in a while I check to see if the RoundTable ever came back.
    I think I gave up, I don't remember when...
    Today, a sudden impulse, and here it is the RoundTable!

    I wonder does my old password work, YES!

    Wow! I'm racing around checking things out and realize the conversations are really familiar! Checking the dates and they are all old, old dates. And no new topics.

    So the RoundTable just mysteriously appeared because I thought it into existence?
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    Hey it is I, noggie, nogs, noggins, aka Beverly

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    Yeah, I found that whomever had scooped the domain a while back had let it lapse, so I grabbed it back.
    And here we are.


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      Good job! I contacted the 4 members that I'm friends with on FB and told them to pass it on.
      Hey it is I, noggie, nogs, noggins, aka Beverly


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        Wow, the dates go waaaay back!
        Hi, Bev!


        • noggie
          noggie commented
          Editing a comment
          They sure do, lots of old stuff
          Hi there!

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        I hope people find their way back.


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          labbasgle, thanks for sending me the link and telling me the RT is still here. It doesn't look like there has been any activity since Feb other than you posting yesterday. I need to check out the kitchen and reiist some of the old posts and recipes. Any one else still visit here!