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Why do they do this?

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  • Why do they do this?

    There is a picture being posted on facebook with a Share if you love GOD or if you believe in GOD. It is a pretty cool looking picture of hands in the clouds. BUT when you know what it actually was made from it is really sick and not something a Christian would want to "share".

    Seems someone decided to take a pic of them spreading their anus out, then photoshop it into different pictures. The only reason I know this is because my Aunt had shared and when my daughter saw it she let me know so I could give her a heads up. The younger generation seems to know about these things where as we old people don't. Why do people have to try to get others to unknownly share in their sickness

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    thanks for telling us that....I don't do a lot of Facebook and very seldom respond to the "God type stuff"...

    the Devil is surely celebrating these days isn't he.?....
    Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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      Yes he is Maye. Probably thrilled with our current administration too.

      Darla, you are right. If this is as your daughter says, then I would definitely not share it. I find that disgusting. I'm glad I haven't seen that yet.


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        Kim, she sent me the link to the website, which I posted to try to make sure no other friends or family shared it.


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          I understand passing it on for that reason.