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I'm beginning to feel it.....

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  • I'm beginning to feel it.....

    The changes. I have to give E credit for trying to give me space, though.
    The retirement...
    it's 24/7. We are adjusting, but its still a difference in my life.
    His heart condition....
    it worries me; he needs catheter ablation surgery in the very near future. But he knows the trigger in his problem, although I feel he sometimes pushes his limit a bit.
    All the paperwork changes...
    medically speaking, each change takes the receptionist about an hour to set up, change, contact agencies even though we have the cards & IDs.
    The doctor's office...
    is also changing its computer system right now. Need to call next week to straighten out this week.
    The pharmacy...
    they need to stick their current employees in an asylum, and start again. But we are considering pharmacies to change to now. Yesterday was one more fight in what in hindsight is a string of fights to get proper prescriptions on time.

    I keep telling myself "this feeling can't last forever". The other half of my brain is saying " you want to bet on that?
    OK - psychologically speaking, 30 days should adjust me to the changes. Meanwhile, I feel like I'm at the base of an impending rockslide, or avalanche.
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    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.

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    (((((((((JoGee)))))))))))) hear the, can't put my finger on it because it isn't really a complaint, from retiree's spouses a lot about the to much togetherness. Read an article years ago in some magazine called "Now that he has retired" or something on that order. While all of the women enjoyed the freedom the every day took some getting used to. I remember one complaint was the husband reorganized the kitchen and the wife saying something about trying to explain to a 6'2 husband that stuff on the top shelf isn't handy for a 5' wife. One woman resorted to paying her husbands friend to get him out of the house a few hours a week.


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      Oh, he knows better than to change anything in the kitchen, unless I ask, or die! The kitchen is MY property. I covered all his daily snacks when I packed his lunches. Now he actually *asks* if he can take an apple. I have boxes of raisins in plain sight, but he doesn't just take anything without asking. He even lets me know he's going to make coffee. When I'm out of sorts, he makes me a cup of tea. He really does try to give me time and space to myself, too. I admit its nice he will drive me places, so I don't have to....traffic is not fun. But, I do need to get accustomed to seeing him around all day. I don't consider him the problem.
      Mostly, is all the changes that come with this retirement business. Insurance is changed. I'm not yet sure how some of it works. I have to pay nearly $140 for a major prescription. I can't take the generic brand, as it is unstable. I paid $38 for it before. Most are $14/90-days. Now I'm not sure what to expect.
      Then there are the people who log in the information changes. It takes them a very long time, they make copies of more ID's than they actually need, "just in case". They have less responsibility than I did as a Secretary (before computers), and even I could accomplish 3x as much in half the time. A little organization, a formula to accomplish the job (should be second nature).
      Then there is the "unknown" factor ahead. What will I have to deal with next that is changed?

      The funny part is that E is learning the value of shopping with coupons, looking for better prices, and realizing he won't be able to spend as he did before. This week he is working on an electronics project for a friend. Next week, he will have go give some thought to cleaning out the garage, getting rid of loads of stuff, organizing his work area (bench, tools, etc), and get his tools off the deep freezer! He will complain about my bins of yarn .... he always does; but much of it will be going to Step-Dau who crochets in her spare time. A whiz at it.

      Perhaps my real problem is that I really don't like things to change. Despite the fact that change is the only constant thing in life. And there are a lot of changes we will be facing, I think. I don't mind E being home...he's very good to me. I am concerned about his new health problem (heart), though.

      Thanks for the hugs. It'll get me through another day, as all this sinks in. I'll get a handle on it eventually.
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      Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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        Jo, seems lots of people are going through the health care changes. My friend Sheryle is going through major problems with her husbands and he hasn't worked for years along with hers she retired 4 years ago. She has started asking for copies of the records of any DR. they go to. Her main problem it seems is that one Dr. orders this and the other orders that. She said even the main Dr. that sends them to the specialist seems to be ignoring the specialist reports. And with all of the Dr.s they still can't seem to decide what the problem is.


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            ((((((((((((((((((((((JoGee and E))))))))))))))))))))
            The part about E driving you places just warms my heart and brings wonderful memories of GAry always ready to drive me when I was just needing a quick trip to the store but tired..
            The Rx changes can really get to you. Getting the right pharmacy and the right person to talk to is so important. Keep your chin up and know we are all thnking aobut you. Wish I could help...


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              been there ,done that. back in early 90.s... Its a wonder I did not divorce the man!....he would ,and still does.. run the little clean up sweeper. just before I am ready to do the Proper cleaning... He wipes the bathroom sink top.. but does not rinse out the tub after himself.. he DID try to 'help' in kitchen.... grit my teeth and re-do it.. always wanting me to drop what I was doing and run with him to town,,a useless kind of trip... (no thanks,, I am doing something that Needs done.)..

              however Jo..It does slow down... you finally get back in step .. I send DAvid on errands now... pick up or return books to library for me... go get a gallon of milk..... today it will be... go to the farmer who sells apples and get some.. he watches a lot of dumb Tv. inbetween ... but we kind of know each others territory now...He is cars and yard. and all things mechanical and physical repair at house... ..I am housework . paper work. phone calls.. keeping appts... it works.. I just wish he would had a a desire to cook! Ha.

              as for the insurance changes... I know I will be ready to send nasty letters to all those people in D.C. who voted in this Obamacare.. we folks who worked and worked and paid and paid.. are going to get the bitter end of the stick.. more and more rules and regulations... until the Drs. decided to quit. and yes the help in the offices are not as good ..... our young people have been brainwashed to think you go to college to be a brain surgeon.... a good office worker is for the lower half of the class . give me an efficient office gal or guy.. anytime
              Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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                Determined, that is also part of my problem. We both have the same PPC, but I had had my oncologist/hematologist much longer and she thoroughly understands my condition - few doctors do. The PPC doesn't prescribe for me; my other doctor does that. Now E has a cardiologist as well. E also has his Orthopedic doctor....the same one I will refuse to see again. I have 2 leg braces that proved to be a danger to me because they won't stay on. I saw him both times I fell on my knees, which I damaged and can no longer kneel on. But there are just too many doctors in our life these days.

                Paula, now we are down to the choice between the BX Pharmacy, and the more convenient Walgreen's in our neighborhood.

                Maye, our situations aren't too different in the starting days of retirement. :-) Our territories have fallen in place over the years. E makes good coffee, and scrambles eggs beautifully. Other than that, he'd fail at ice cubes if we didn't have an ice maker. LOL. He's good at cleanup, helping when I need him to. Our tastes in music is right on; T.V., mostly, but he will defer to me. He will be happy when he's past doing the work of creating his man-cave. I have my "nest" in the LR.
                I do look forward to when this pace slows down and everything falls in place again. Thanks for that bit of sunshine to look forward to.

                Snoodle, and everyone, thanks for the hugs. They mean a lot.
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.