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  • Welcome!

    This is the place to let off steam, rant and rave to your heart's content. The only rules are no offensive language, and no attacking other Rounders. Attacking another Rounder will get your post deleted. Other than that....have at it!

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    here is a small steam I had and finally let it blow today....

    the restaurant we go to almost every Sunday,, has a not too big entry way..and then the second set of doors.

    a couple weeks ago there were a table set up.. with about 1/2doz boy scouts. little guys Selling popcorn ,seed.etc etc ..very very expensive. and they were semi-pushy about it.. both going in and coming out...
    annoyed me.. why they weren't set up outside on the walk area?..... but got busy and did not call to "complain"

    guess what!... they were there again today.... lovey sunny day ..could have been outside ! ,they were crowded into inside space... so you had to go in in single file.. and again. buy buy buy.....No thank you..... so the steam accumulated while we ate.. knowing I was going to get "nagged at again ..... so when I went to pay ,I ask to see the manager.... and he came right out.. told him I felt...that I was a regular patron... and did not appreciate this expensive begging... ...

    his answer... the former manager had given then an ok. to do this this season... but he felt honor bound to honor that.. ok... I ask him and what will he when the Girl scouts want to sell cookies... and another group wants to have a bake sale.. and on and on... he ask if todays episode would keep me from returning... , I said, but now that you know How I feel,... if they are here again... I will not come in that day and will hunt some where else to Sunday dinner.

    he was very polite and so was I.... no steam flying.... but I sure an glad I told him how I felt... or I would have been steaming all afternoon.

    now the other kind of steam you might have been thinking of.. is POLITICS... this topic has to be handle on this kind of level;

    "You are entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine..."... not to say we should not discuss it... because what is happening in USA today is very much on our minds.. It's possible we may not agree on what is right or wrong. but we can state our opinion without getting our hands and head bit off.
    Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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      Thank you Maye. Well said about Politics. Yes, there is a lot going on in the country. A lot we may want to talk about. And folks should understand that an opinion on something does not mean you are attacking someone else on the board. All opinions are welcome here. No one is going to agree with everything everyone has to say. But if anyone wants to rant about politics...feel free, just don't attack another Rounder.

      I understand why you got a bit steamed Janet. I do not like to be accosted like that. Especially in a confined place. I don't mind too much if they are outside at Wal-Mart or some place like that. The one thing I do hate though, is when people stand out in the middle of the road at an intersection asking for donations. I know these are important charities but I wish they would go somewhere else. It's dangerous and ties up traffic.


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        My rant is people not doing or showing up to do a job when they tell you they are coming. Two weeks ago I had a contractor to check some of my loose siding and he said he'd be here after he quit for the day on his job site and that it would be done before Saturday. Well 2 weeks passed so I decided I'd go and buy me a hammer drill to do the job myself. Well that didn't work for me, so I called the contractor back yesterday afternoon. He started giving me all kinds of excuses and all I said was "whatever". Well he came today(Sunday) and was finished when I got home from church. It took about 30 minutes to do the work he said.

        I told him that when someone tells me they are going to be here, then I make sure I'm home and don't appreciate people who don't do what they say. I think he got the message. Next time I need something, then I'll try him again. I give everyone 2 chances.

        O.K. the soap box is now free.
        Life is to be enjoyed, not just endured.


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          thats a good rant Jostoy... me and hubby are on time people and appreciate when people keep their word OR call they are sick,stuck etc etc..

          the man we got to pull the well.. called him Monday. morning. said he stop by late afternoon. .he did. said he would be back in the morning with equipment ,pump etc... he was. well ,pump. all done by noon.!!!!!!... will recommend him to everybody I know !.
          Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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            I'm with you gals. I am always on time or usually early for everything. If I can't be, I call and let the person know. I too hate it when people don't show up when they are supposed to. I understand some things (like utility service, cable, etc.) have to give you a time frame of a a couple to several hours but at least show up during that time frame. If you can't, call me! We all have things we have to do and lives to live. I don't know how some of those companies survive that never show up when they are supposed to.


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              One of our main grocery stores has changed their policy about selling outside their doors. Not sure if it is for everybody, but the Scouts can't sell out front anymore. Our church scouts aren't allowed to do many fundraisers, and they don't sell the popcorn. Which is so expensive! But I will be looking to see if anyone else, including the Salvation Army bell ringers will be outside the doors. I do not like feeling like I have to give everytime I walk in the store or out...At least at Wal Mart there is a side door or two that no one is sitting in front of.
              The one I really do not like is the Petition sign ups that the person asking you to sign is Paid for the signatures they get. Most people around here don't know that and think these people are just volunteering for a political belief...
              Anyway, I really thought I was coming here to tell you I like the name of the thread


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                Thanks Paula. I'm glad you like the name.


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                  Oh those people who stand out in the street. There are 2 smaller towns we have to pass through to get to friends, truthfully I don't really know when we leave one and enter the other. Seems every weekend both will have someone standing in EVERY intersection.

                  The boys and girls club and a boy scout troop have the right idea, the boys and girls club hold an annual yard sale, inside their building. And the boy scout troop will ask the owner of a vacant lot if they can have a yard sale on the lot if they clean it up. You will see them out there a couple weeks before pulling weeds ect. Works great for them and for the person who owns the lot.

                  I do have to say that I hate school fundraisers in small town. The kids school was grade K-8 and EVERY child in the school was sent home with the exact same stuff to try to sell, always way over priced and when you have 3 kids trying to sell and everyone else has kids or grand kids selling gets really old.


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                    Many of our stores have a policy for these fundraisers. They are to keep a certain distance from customers entering or leaving. If they get too pushy with the customers for sales, the manager can ban them from selling there.
                    Very few of these kids go door-to-door any more. Maybe because more homeowners have "No Solicitors" signs posted.
                    Create a beautiful day wherever you go.