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  • It's all in a name

    Most times, when we name an animal it takes very little thought. There are always the old stand-bys: Rover, King, Prince, etc.

    When I was a kid, we had a dalmation named Susie Q. Our next door neigh swore up and down that we named her that after her, Her name was Susan Mae Dawson. She thought that mom was being mean naming a dog after her. t was always funny to us and it never hurt the friendship; so, I guess it worked out.

    I did have a German Shepherd puppy years ago and I just knew he had to have a "noble" name. I named him "Maximillian." I can't remember his middle name, but it was just as regal. Max lived up to his name. He had a look and a stance that made him look the part. Max lived a short 14 months before dying unexpectedly and for reasons we will never know.

    One time, I got a cat whose name was licorice. What a stupid name for a black and white cat!!!! I quickly renamed him "Dopey Cat." It was a term of endearment and not a put-down. He certainly lived up to his new name. He was funny and goofy and loving and entertaining BUT, my mom hated the new name. She objected to it and refused to call him anything but Licorice. So, I humored mom and always called him Licorice when I talked to her. I bet mom and her "Licorice" are getting along just fine. lol

    Do you have any animals who have been named for special reasons?
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