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Dogs and Cats and animal commercials

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  • Dogs and Cats and animal commercials

    Lately I've been seeing more and more commercials with animals on them. Aren't they the cutest? I love the one where the dog is pulling the little girl on a rug through the house or the one where the guys finish a game and the driver's dog jumps into the front seat forcing the 3 huge guys into the backseat. Oh, and you know how I love the camel that says, 'Guess what day it is'?

    Do you have some funny animerrcials to share. LOL.
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    I like the beneful commercial with the dog saying "Larry....Larry....Larry....wanna play" but probably because my son-in-law is Larry. Have been looking for it on to put on his facebook. There is one on with a bunch of animals talking and a groundhog saying "Ellen...Ellen...Ell..Ell..eeeen" that I posted for my daughter.


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      I like the one with 2 squirrels that force a car off the road and then give each other a high 5, but haven't seen it for a while.
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