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    I hope no one minds if I do a post about my boys and "sticky" it. Since Snoodle added me as MOD of this forum I figured one of the things I would do would be to tell stories about my boys since I think most of you seemed to like it when I used to do that.

    I thought if I "stickied" it I could just add the stories to that post and neither you or I would have to hunt for the thread. Plus it will make it easier for me to remember what I have told you. If anyone gets tired of it, just let me know.

    Now for the first one........

    I think I have told you before that I have two Siamese cats. One is a Blue Point and his name is Huckleberry. Yes, he was named after Huckleberry Hound. He is a kind of blueish gray and is so pretty. The other is a Seal Point and his name is Boo Boo after Boo Boo Bear. He is brownish blace.

    Now here's something you probably haven't heard. Boo Boo has never answered to his name but he does answer to Booby. So, that is what he is called. Very awkward.

    More later and I will try to get a picture of them on here.
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    Let me guess....You are a fan of Hannah Barbera Cartoons? lol I'm a Warner Brothers fan myself.

    Yes, I think calling out for "Booby" would be a bit awkward. ;D


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      Hope you will be able to post some pictures of Booby and Huck later. Always loved to hear about their antics.


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        I have 2 friends, each have their won homes, who adopted 2 sister cats. They are called Ragdolls. Odd, however, because they don't look a think alike, and one is even much larger than the other.

        But I love their names: Rags and Riches. Too cute. I'll try to get some photos when I visit.


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          LOL I had a cat that I had named Fluffy, but my older brother who didn't like cats would always yell at her "Damn Cat", well one day my Grandpa and Grandma (Grandpa was a preacher) were at the house and she ran in with a mouse, I'm trying to get her out and she isn't listening, the closest thing I could yell to what I knew she would respond to was Duncoff (not sure the spelling but it is dumb head in German) she responded and took her mouse back out the door, so from then on that was her name.


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            years ago I had a big white cat... name was Kibbles.. had got her via ad in newspaper ,free

            later I got a baby kitten... and the only logical name was of course "Bits"..... kibbles and bits is dog food.but they go together so well...
            when we moved and son was moving into our old house.. we left Kibbles with him....much too old to learn new territory.. and Bits become a house cat.. she too is gone now....
            and I really would like to go get the Black male that was offered to me last wk.... now have to convince David we NEED a cat. Ha.
            Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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              We HAD two cats but when Corky brought them to Ohio to live, he openned the kennel out in the open garage & they both darted out. Misty (the gray kitty) was at the door the next morning, but Patches (the calico) never appeared again.

              Misty is my baby. She comes to bed when I go to bed & usually walks up on my chest & lays to get pet. Her nose is a bit out of joint since Kathy brought a new kitten into our house about 6 weeks ago. This kitty's name is Calipso...dumb name if you ask me. I call her Turd because that's exactly what she is. I feed her, talk to her, but do you think she'll let any of us touch her???? NO! Kathy & her boyfriend Dylan come in the house & she runs to them. They hold her, play with her, and she even jumps into their laps. WHY????? They come around only occassionly for a few minutes. Why do they deserve the love from this lil turd? No fair! She's a gray & washed out looking calico. Has yellow eyes.


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                I've had many cats, and most of them responded quickly to a name that had the long E sound in it.
                Not Pickles. She would not respond to anything at all. So we were sitting in our chairs, E & I, tossing out words. Any words. Finally she heard Pickles, perked up her ears and turned to face us. So she "chose" her own name, and she would respond only to it.
                (We did try Dumkoff one time, and were about to think she was deaf.). A very independent cat, she turned out to be. I'd try to pet her when she passed by, but her body slithered down to the floor and she kept going. She had to be part snake, if you can picture that. But she did that to tease us. We could pick her up and she'd tolerate petting for 2-3 minutes, then wiggle down again. This is the cat that 'spoke' to me through her eyes, and we understood each other quite well. If she wanted something shed sit in front of me and stare up in my face, only slightly barely leaning to the right or left. I'd know if she was wanting a snack from the kitchen or go outdoors. If I said "Kitchen?" That's where she ran and sat. If I said "Outside?", she ran to the back door and stretched ever so high to grab the doorknob, just 1" shy of it. I never had such a cat as her, and I do miss her even yet, 14 years later.

                Oh, Pickles was a never-fail barometer as well. On ordinary days she was a brown cat. When the humidity rose and if rain was imminent, her fur actually turned red. Honest!
                Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                  Cookie we have a kitty in our family name Calipso...but we call her callie for short she belongs to my oldest niece Elyzabeth...My youngest niece has a kitty of her own also that cat's name is Auro..rorie for short.

                  I have a friend from church that has cat named Charlie...a couple of weeks ago she posted on facebook that her swiffer duster broom was didn't turn up for over a week..well one evening she was in the kitchen fixing dinner and heard something thumping across the hard wood went to see what the cat had gotten into this was the swiffer Charlie had stole and hid it...and then tried to run away with it when my went to take it from him


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                    Wow, love reading about all your 4 legged furries and their names and adventures.

                    Today we will be leaving to head up north the Mackinac for a few days. My SIL will be around to feed the boys and make sure they are alright so no worries there.

                    But, I will miss my little boys so much! I will be calling them every other day or so and talking to them over the answering machine. I know they will get the messages and hear mommy's voice as they will most likely be curled up in my recliner near the phone.

                    The thing I will miss the most is picking up my Huckleberry. He must have some rag doll genes in his past as I pick him up and he just goes limp as he snuggles and buries his head into my neck for hugs and kisses.


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                      It was so wonderful to get back home to my babies! I called my SIL Monday on our way home to let her know we would be home and she wouldn't need to come by Tuesday morning. She said when she stopped in Monday morning that Booby started crying when she talked to him. I think he was missing his momma and daddy. I know they were pretty happy to see us walk into the door.

                      We found them a couple of new toys and they have been having fun with them. But mostly anytime we sit down they immediately jump into our laps for cuddles and kisses.
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                        Awwwwwwwwwww. I can picture that!
                        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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                          I have three kitty babies that are litter mates. Bitz is a regular grey tabby, Miss Uno is beautiful black and white and very fluffy, Elphy is colored and marked the same as Uno but is shiny and short haired. Since they were born under Joy's motor home it took a while to capture them and get them tame. There was another Tabby that I called Squeak.
                          Mama kitty I called Lucy but shortly after we got them all fixed she got in the road and was run over. Then Squeak just disappeared. I think she found another home as she would disappear for a few days and then return but the last time she left I never saw her again.
                          When I want them all I do is call, "Kitty Babies" and they usually all come in. Bitz is a very cocky, friendly, and confident cat. Uno is a bit shy but friendly with me. Poor little Elphy is so shy that she only comes in to eat and get petted. A couple of days ago she came through the front door. I thought she would go into my bedroom but she panicked and nearly destroyed a curtain. She does stay in if there is rain. Nothing quite like a three cat one dog night especially if one of them steps on Lily.
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                            Last night I made the Amish chicken recipe that Mona posted in The Kitchen. It made a nice gravy so I decided to give the boyits a small spoonful each.

                            Oh my goodness, so funny!!! We never really feed them table scraps. They usually just get their dry food but a couple of different flavors so they think they are getting treats. So when we put the plate with the spoonfuls of gravy down they really weren't sure what to do.

                            Booby figured it out pretty quickly and started lapping it up. Huckie was the funny one! He stood and looked at the bit of gravy and then got his whappy paws going and slapped it!! HAHA!!! He did that a couple of times so we took it away so he wouldn't make a huge mess. So funny.


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                              I have had a pet ever since I was a baby. Mom and dad started out with dogs (our 1st dog was a dalmation named Susie Q). Mom and dad were dog lvers and cat haters - until my brother was a tenager and brought home a stray cat. The cat was black and dad named him "Thanatopsis" (a Greek word meaning death). Tjat as the most anti-social cat I ever met. Dad hated that cat and that cat loved dad. Thaney finally won dad over and they became pals.

                              I never hated cats - I just didn't like hem - until Stewart became a teenager and brought home a stray cat (sound familiar?) After years of having German Shepherds and a daschund, having a cat was strange indeed. But Huggy Bear grew into our hearts and we became cat lovers as well as dog lovers. After Huggy Bear, there were several more cats and quite a few more dogs. THEN came Dopey Cat. He was extraordinary and had soooooo much love to share with everyone (even a friend who hated cats and was less than thrilled when Dopey cat jumped up on him and gave him a hug!) Dopey Cat was extraordinarily perceptive and more human than most humans (the GOOD human qualities). Maybe God gave him these special qualities because he had feline Aids. Dopey Cat would carry on "conversations" with me and others. He would meow loudly when I was talking on the phone to someone he didn't like and he would try and knock the phone out of my hand or swat me in the face (he had no front claws so it was always a really soft smack). He would climb up on my chest and put one paw on each side of my neck and nuzzle my face with his. He could look so sad when he knew I was hurting and grin like the cat that got the canary when I was happy. Dopey Cat literally saved my life -emotionally and physically. I was sitting I my recliner and he started licking the back of my knee. I HATE being licked by humans or animals!) and I had to keep swatting him, but he persisted. I have REALLY serious neuropathy and do not feel much of anything on my legs and feet (except the pain from the neuropathy itself.) FINALLY, I get mad enough and looked to see what Dopey Cat found so fascinating about he back of my knee. I could see just a little bit and it was a pretty bad wound. I made an appointment wit my family doctor and it turns out that I had 2nd and 3rd degree burns behind both knees - caused by knee-high surgical stockings! After a year in wound care therapy (that involved talk about amputation and skin grafting), the legs healed. Had it not been for Dopey Cat and his perseverance, I might have lost my leg(s) or even my life

                              Dopey Cat came into my life right after Bob left and I wanted an animal like I wanted a hole in my head, but a friend begged me to "at least try it out overnight and if it doesn't work out, I will take him back." Well, it took about an hour and not an overnighter and I was hooked on this little ball of black and white fur. I took him to he vets for a check-up and that's when I found out he had feline Aids. The vet said he was about a year old, and that he would probably not live past the age of five. I was so sad, but I loved him and didn't want to have him put to sleep as the vet suggested. Dopey Cat was nine years old when he finally lost his battle. He died peacefully in my arms

                              Thank you so much for this thread. It us a great opportunity to share our love for our four-footed family members. Please forgive my rambling
                              "God loves us so much, He gave us friends!" Amen!