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    Cissy and Baby are the two French Bulldogs who live behind me. Their mommy and I have become friends and we have chatted many times over the fence. I'm always out there gardening early and she lets them out in their fenced in lot to do their biz.

    Cissy loves the geckos and she chases them all around that enclosed area and eats them. Gross! Her mom had all these Tea Tree Olive bushes around the foundation and of course the geckos love to hide out in them. So she gave me the bushes. I know right! I love those bushes because they bloom in spring and give off the most heavenly scent. I planted them on our bank cuz when the summer rains come it's like a creek in the backyard and all that water just washes right down the bank. I figure it will help hold the soil and so far they are doing good. If we didn't have the irrigation system I could not have hoped to keep them. It gets very dry here in winter.

    So, the other Frenchie, Baby, is just adorable too. She is white where Cissy is the pretty reddish color. Baby barks at me. I have never been closer than the other side of the fence, but I think she would bite. I don't know if it's because her mom is there and she is protecting her or what, but I wouldn't want to try it without the fence between us. I love those 2 little dogs though and Baby can bark at me all she wants. I can talk sweet to them and they can alert me to predators in the area, i.e., snakes, armadillos, bears, etc. I believe Cissy would kill the snakes!
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