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    Wow! I just finished reading a book by Nora Roberts on search and rescue dogs. It's titled 'Search' and I knew that those dogs had to be trained, but I had no idea how involved the training was and how important the human factor meshed with the dogs training. Her book was so explicit that you could feel yourself right there with her in the wilderness with the dogs.

    Before we became allergic to dogs and cats we raised our fair share of pets. The initial puppy training was easy, but we never took our dogs to obedience training. I never realized how important it was to the animals and to others.
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    The National Search Dog Foundation does wonderful training. Many of their dog trainees are rescue dogs (from shelters) which makes their organization even more wonderful in my opinion. They also find homes for retiring dogs and dogs that cannot pass the training tests.
    The founder is a retired school teacher and they are not a government organization.


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      One of the elementary teachers here has gone out of country with her search and rescue dog as well as anytime campers, etc get lost. Her dog goes to school each day with her.