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Visiting Dog - resident Cat. let the war begin

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  • Visiting Dog - resident Cat. let the war begin

    Daughter Karen's Sheltie, stays with us any time they are away...this first week of March. we got Visiting Dog. by now,,,Ms. KD Kat has gotten old enough to know this is HER HOUSE..
    however ... Shelby , the dog, . does not know this or Care.... she too is a spoiled pet. ...they are jogging along ,trying to ignore each other... KD. walks the tops of desk .dishwasher. ...or goes to basement where litter box and soft couches. and blankets are .. Shelby follows one of us around. and flops down by our feet.. and in the meantime. K.d. has made herself scarce... no playing with me. no hide and seek... every so often .there is some hissing and growling... generally over food. I Miss my Cat!.... I like dogs. but in my heart of hearts.. I love cats...

    Shelby has two resident cats at her house.... which a next-door neighbor niece is going to house and feeding each day.. ..but they have been together for a long time.. but K.D. has been Ruler of the House since she arrived... and so there is a line drawn on the kitchen floor.. that says...Don't cross over it dog.!.
    Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.