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  • Vinca

    Did you know that the Vinca flower is used to treat children with leukemia? I didn't until one of the guys that cut down the big tree told me. I have Vinca all over the yard. It was already here when we bought the house, but I brought some of my plants from our other house/garden. I have hundreds of those things coming up now and I say the more the merrier. They are drought tolerant and put on a good show throughout the year. The killing frost/freeze gets them, but still every seed that drops will come up with new plants. In other words you only need to buy Vinca plants once.

    A compound in the Vinca is used to treat Leukemia, Lymphoma, Cancer, & Blastoma, plus other stuff. I think that is amazing.
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    I had never heard that! I love seeing them but just forget to plant them...I will make a note to buy them when they come into the nursery.