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Don’t like cake mixes? 🍰

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  • Don’t like cake mixes? 🍰

    For the “emergency” times you need a cake mix in short order, here are some ways to make it better.

    1. Add a small box of pudding mix (flavor to complement the mix) to the cake mix. Follow the cake mix directions only. Bake. Frost or glaze the cake.

    2. Take your baked and cooled cake. Spread a very thin layer of white frosting on the cake, and let set. (This holds any crumbs from ruining the cakes frosting.). Using another flavor/color of frosting to finish the cake. —- people are often intrigued or impressed by that thin white layer of frosting.

    3. Take your baked cake (It can still be warm for best results. Take some apple jelly that has been melted and thinned a bit with water, well stirred. Spoon over the cake top. Let it soak in and set. Now you can frost and decorate the cake.

    4. Mix a combination of vanilla and almond flavorings into the batter ... or a mixture of equal parts of vanilla, lemon, and orange flavor into the batter .... into chocolate cake, use coffee instead of water.
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    What a great idea, especially the apple jelly thing. That could work well with an apple stack cake. Yum!
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