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It's April!

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  • It's April!

    No Fooling, it is already April.

    Share your book list with us - What have your read recently? What are you reading now? What do you want to read next?

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    Juror Number Three, by James Patterson. I have been taking my time with it and not sure is good and (so far) not R rated!


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      I haven't read many Patterson books just because of the 'R' rating. Glad to know this one isn't that way, I'll have to check the library.

      I finished two fun books on my Kindle, both by Madison Johns. Ghostly Hijinks and Spooky Hijinks. Very light, funny, entertaining books with quirky characters.


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        Three Kindle books -
        Chip Hughes books - Murder on Molokai and Kula: The Famous Surfing Dog
        Both books were fast paced and enjoyable to read.

        Eclairs and Executions by Carole Fowkes - this was better than I anticipated. Good main character, fun secondary characters and a good story line. Another fast paced book.


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          Another Kindle book, Murder on the Menu by Nancy Skopin. This is the first in a series and I will read the other ones I have loaded.