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It's 2019 - Do You Have a Reading Resolution?

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  • It's 2019 - Do You Have a Reading Resolution?

    What books are you going to read in the new year?
    Any new authors or series on your list?
    Any old favorites?

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    Started the year with The Moonglow Cafe by Deborah Garner


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      I have started reading some non-fiction! I am reading Destiny and Power, by Jon Meachum. Bio of George HW Bush. I am in the Reagan/Bush presidency right now and really enjoying it.
      I also started (like 1 chapter) the book Ghost Riders, by Mark Felton. About WWII and how American troops, German and POW's worked to save the Lippizaner (sorry) stallions form the advancing Russians and SS...

      My Resolution about reading is to go to the library. I used a gift card to get the new book and wanted to be able to share it with family. My brother is a pilot for Delta and reads a lot during his away form home time. Not to worry: just in hotels and lounge at airports! Not in the cockpit


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        Paula, glad to know your brother doesn't read while flying!! LOL I imagine he does spend a lot of time in hotels and lounges.

        I use the library a lot and load a lot of free books onto my Kindle. I've discovered some authors I enjoy from those free books.
        We go to a used bookstore once or twice a year but that's about it for buying books.
        My former neighbor gave me a lot of books and I still have a couple of stacks of those waiting to be read.


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          Just finished two books written about experiences during the Vietnam war. One was about a prisoner of war and the other about army rangers. Know the family of the prisoner of war and one of the army rangers mentioned in the other.

          Currently reading, The Faraway Horses, by Buck Brannaman.


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            That sounds really interesting to read a book that you know some of the people in it, Becky.


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              My husband would enjoy the books about the Vietnam war!


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                Better Dead than Wed by Pamela Frost Dennis. Another Kindle book, better than expected.


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                  Three Kindle books, all by Annie Adams.
                  The Final Arrangement
                  Deadly Arrangements
                  A Christmas Arrangement

                  All three were fun to read, good characters.