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  • October ~

    October is zipping past. What are you reading this month?

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    I started October with Don't Let Go by Harlan Coben. I enjoyed this one more than some of his other books.

    How to Wash a Cat by Rebecca M. Hale was really a much better book than I anticipated. I liked the title so it came off the shelf. Good plot and interesting characters. She leaves the end a bit open so maybe it will lead to her next book.


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      Is that a new one by Harlancoben? I will have to check it out.
      I am reading Harry Potter The Order of the Phoenix,book 5 in the series.
      Also reading a self help book Reset your thinking or something like that. I will check the title again and post. A friend recommended it. She is a psychologist.
      I need some new books and will look at the How to Wash a Cat.


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        I'll have to look at the dates on the Coben book. It was one my neighbor gave me so I'm not sure when it was published but probably not too long ago. She has a lot more time to read than I do!


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          How to Wash a Cat has some very quirky characters and at times, I had a little trouble keeping everyone straight in my head - but that may just be me, lot of stuff going on right now.


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            Paula, the paperback Harlan Coben book was published in 2018. Not sure what month.


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              Thanks, I am sure I haven't read it then. I like his characters and have read most of them, except this and any new ones I haven't noticed. My daughter found the books and got me started. I like the detective genre especially set in southern CA where a lot of the places are familiar...
              It is funny: both Elvis cole and Harry Bosch (a John Connelly book main character) are set in the sam eara and both live in the Hollywood Hills...Both are favorites.