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Oh Dear, August is Here!!!

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  • Oh Dear, August is Here!!!

    It is already August - this summer is flying past.

    What are you reading?

    I just finished another one that my neighbor gave me by Carla Neggers. Cold Ridge. Good book with strong characters.

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    I just finished Below Zero by C.J. Box. Very good book, fast moving and kept my attention.


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      Finished an older book by Sue Henry, Termination Dust. I enjoyed it much more than I expected - almost didn't bother reading it but so glad I did. She mixed the current day story with the journal of someone who went to Alaska during the gold rush. The mixing of old and new and the carryover of families was great. It was a good book.

      Since then, I've been back to skimming and ditching from the piles stacked up around here. A couple of them were well written but just too gruesome and horrific for me. So they go into the donation bag and hopefully someone else will want them.
      The library is always happy to see us walk in with bags of books for them. They keep any they can use and put the rest on their sale shelves.


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        Another book from my hand me down pile - Full Tilt by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes. A very light, easy read .


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          Jane Haddam - Cheating at Solitaire. Skimmed the majority of it.


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            Skimmed and ditched a few more. Too many books to read and enjoy so I'm not spending time on those that don't appeal.

            I finished Charade by Sandra Brown. A good plot and characters. I skipped some of the TMI parts but overall, it was enjoyable.