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July ~ a time to Celebrate the Freedom to Read!

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  • July ~ a time to Celebrate the Freedom to Read!

    July is a great time to celebrate our country and all of the freedoms it brings. One of those is reading!

    So what are you reading during the hot summer days?

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    I am definitely doing summer reads right now.
    Wendy Wax is the author and she has written a number of books with the same women who are brought together to fix up an old house to sell...
    Ten Beach Road is the first book and I am now on the third.

    I am orderingThe President is Missing after JoG said she liked it. Buying it as a real book so I can lend it out afterwards.


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      I've been reading some real books and some Kindle.
      I am bit by bit working my way through that box of books I discovered. It was packed during a move years ago and got mixed in with other boxes... we've moved too much!

      I just read one by Susan Rogers Cooper - One, Two, What Did Daddy Do? it was a good book. Even though it had sad parts, they were well written and the characters were great.


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        Paula, I'm adding Wendy Wax to my list to check the library website. Our library is making a change so limited access to books until mid August but then the number we can borrow will increase greatly, so that's exciting!


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          I also started reading the Harry Potter series again.
          Book One which I read in 2000. I have seen the movies a lot but have not read the books again.


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            I've never gotten into the Harry Potter books. Just didn't appeal for some reason.

            I just finished a good one - Ahead of the Game by Suzann Ledbetter. I've read several of her books and they are fun. (No E on her first name, not a typo!)