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July ~ a time to Celebrate the Freedom to Read!

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  • July ~ a time to Celebrate the Freedom to Read!

    July is a great time to celebrate our country and all of the freedoms it brings. One of those is reading!

    So what are you reading during the hot summer days?

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    I am definitely doing summer reads right now.
    Wendy Wax is the author and she has written a number of books with the same women who are brought together to fix up an old house to sell...
    Ten Beach Road is the first book and I am now on the third.

    I am orderingThe President is Missing after JoG said she liked it. Buying it as a real book so I can lend it out afterwards.


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      I've been reading some real books and some Kindle.
      I am bit by bit working my way through that box of books I discovered. It was packed during a move years ago and got mixed in with other boxes... we've moved too much!

      I just read one by Susan Rogers Cooper - One, Two, What Did Daddy Do? it was a good book. Even though it had sad parts, they were well written and the characters were great.


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        Paula, I'm adding Wendy Wax to my list to check the library website. Our library is making a change so limited access to books until mid August but then the number we can borrow will increase greatly, so that's exciting!


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          I also started reading the Harry Potter series again.
          Book One which I read in 2000. I have seen the movies a lot but have not read the books again.


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            I've never gotten into the Harry Potter books. Just didn't appeal for some reason.

            I just finished a good one - Ahead of the Game by Suzann Ledbetter. I've read several of her books and they are fun. (No E on her first name, not a typo!)


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              I finished another cute book, Joanne Pence - Silence of the Hams.

              I've started several books but after a couple of chapters, put them in the giveaway bag. Just did not appeal for various reasons.


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                My daughter went to the Library of congress yesterday and she said she totally agrees with what you posted about our Freedom to REad. Thomas Jefferson wanted libraries for men and women to freely read.

                And now it is August!!!


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                  Wow, the Library of Congress!! That had to be so exciting for her. I do view reading as a freedom - a wonderful freedom!