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May is here - Are you Finding time to Read?

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  • May is here - Are you Finding time to Read?

    May is flying past already. Have you found time to read? What's good?

    I started with a light, easy book on the kindle - A Scone to Die For by H.Y. Hanna. I've read others in this series and enjoy the characters.

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    I was given 3 books by the author Andrew Gross. I read 3 pages of the prologue of one of the books and that was enough. I don't need to read books filled with foul language. All three books went into the donation bag.
    I have no idea if the plots are good.


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      Three more my neighbor gave me -

      Lisa Scottoline - Betrayed - I like her books and characters.

      Stuart Woods - Below the Belt and Fast & Loose - both books were fast paced and in the same series.


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        Trickster's Point by William Kent Krueger - Drags!!! The plot was good and I wanted to know what happened but I was VERY happy to finish it. I would have liked a lot more if it was about half as long.


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          A fun read on the Kindle - Gallagher Gray's Partners in Crime.

          Just finished - You Have the Right to Remain Silent by Barbara Paul. This book (published 1993) was one I've had for years from a used book sale and just kept shoving aside. I finally read it and really enjoyed it. Good plot, good characters. I'm going to look for others by this author. I think this may have been part of a series.