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February ~ A Lovely Time to Read

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  • February ~ A Lovely Time to Read

    Wow, February has arrived! What books are you reading?

    Any page turners or hard to put down books? Or any not too high on your recommendation list?

    Where is your bookmark right now?

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    Friend of Silence by M. Lee Prescott - An okay book. It was predictable although the characters were enjoyable. It dragged some.


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      I have been reading a series by Jack Mars: political and action stuff. I am on the last book (so far) but kind of slowing down. Set in DC and the first book starts off Fast!

      Also reading the new John Grisham book The Rooster Bar, and taking it at an enjoyable and slower pace. There is that familiar "this is going to go bad pretty soon" feeling that happened in The Firm and his other books.

      Also reading, Dead Lawyers Don't Lie and I can't remember the of those where you know who is the hit man and who is the hero and there is a good flow to it.
      I just finished a book Pride and Politics, but can't remember that author, either. Based on a modern day twist of Pride and Prejudice and set in very modern political setting and just fun.

      I have been busy gathering my tax information and took that to the accountant last Saturday so some of this reading has been stress reading! Like I have to not think about taxes for a few minutes!

      Hope all is going well for you!


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        Paula, you have some very interesting books on your list. I've heard of Dead Lawyers Don't Lie.
        I didn't realize the new Grisham book was out. I find all of his books to follow a very similar pattern.

        Good luck with the taxes - always a headache and I can't imagine how much more complicated it is keeping business records.


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          I read a couple of books on the Kindle. Entertaining and easy reading.
          Diana Orgain - Bundle of Trouble and Nursing a Grudge.


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            I had out of town family come and havenít finished a book.
            The Dead Lawyers one as well as the Luke Stone political action thriller are getting too tense ( or I am getting too soft!)
            I did watch a lot of the Olympics and now I
            Am seriously deciding if I will skim through and hope I donít see any torture or characters I like killed off!
            I think I just need a new book!


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              I am back into Dead Lawyers Don't Lie and it is still so intense. It kind of reminds me of a soap on tv because there are so many characters with minor story lines but I can see how they are all starting to converge! If this were a real book I would probably do something I rarely do: peek at the end to see who is still alive!

              I am also reading a self help book: Small Move, Big change, by Caroline L Arnold, about self improvement and simplifying our life. We will is something I am always trying to achieve!


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                Self improvement and simplifying life sounds like a good idea - I work at it too but not always with the most success.