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A New Year Begins ~ New Books are Waiting!

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  • A New Year Begins ~ New Books are Waiting!

    January seems to be starting out extremely cold for much of the country so it's a good time to curl up and read.

    What books are waiting to entertain you?

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    It is too cold to go to the library so I've loaded my Kindle with a bunch of freebies.

    Started reading - Dune, Dock and a Dead Man by Carolyn L. Dean. It is an easy read and the story line is quite enjoyable.


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      I finished Dune, Dock and a Dead Man. It was a fun, quick book.
      Also read, on the Kindle, Flea Market Fatal by Brianna Bates. Cute little book.


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        Another Kindle Freebie -

        November's Past by A.E. Howe Fast paced, good characters, a little predictable but enjoyable.


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          A few more from the Kindle - some better than others.

          Bed, Breakfast and Bones by Carolyn L Dean. I've read others in this series and they are enjoyable.

          Fame is a Killer by Meredith Potts

          Telling Lies by L.A. Dobbs - good characters and plot; the ending leads the reader to the next book in the series

          Frosted Shadow by Nancy Warren - fast moving, a bit too descriptive in a couple spots but better than anticipated


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            Mimicry of Banshees by G. K. Parks - good characters and plot. Fast paced


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              Creek Crisis by N. C. Lewis - good plot and interesting characters, dragged a little bit at times
              The Frosty Taste of Scandal by Cee Cee James - quick read, very entertaining