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October - Books are a Treat!

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  • October - Books are a Treat!

    The first week of October is almost gone already. Time is flying past.

    What are you reading? New authors or old favorites?

    Did the titles trick you into reading them, thinking they would be delicious? Or are there some that are true treats?

    Tell us what book got your attention!

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    A few to titles - okay books but nothing that makes me just jump up and say READ this.....

    By Dianne Harman - Kellys Koffee Shop and Murder in Calico Gold.
    Both books were very clean, light and quite predictable.

    Chimera by Celina Grace. I like her main character and the plot was pretty good. Not a bad read, light but entertaining.


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      Adding - Leighann Dobbs, Hidden Agemda - fun characters, fast plot and entertaining


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        I've read more Kindle books, again some were better than others.

        Julie Smith - Louisiana Bigshot - dragged a bit and sort of stopped rather than ended. The main characters are good.

        Sandra Baublitz - Mastiffs, Mystery and murder - Dogs play a major role in this one and it was an entertaining book. Good characters and some interesting twists.

        Michaela Thompson - Riptide

        And a paperback - The Big Chili by Julia Buckley. I enjoyed this one more than I anticipated. Good characters (a dog is one of them) and interesting plot.


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          Thanks for the good reviews! The dog books sound good.
          I have been reading some political thrillers by by Jack Mats. The Situation Room is book 3 in the 4 book series. Oath of Office was the second and I can't remember right now the first.
          Trick or treaters!


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            I hope you enjoy the dog books. I've requested two of the Buckley books in that series from the library.