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  • August Library Trips

    August is here already! What are you reading? Any new to you authors? Are you enjoying a series of books?

    I started the month with a Kindle book by Renee Pawlish. This Doesn't Happen in the Movies. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

    So what's on your bookshelf?

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    I just finished Camino Island, by John Grisham. It was ok. Not a super page turner like his other books have been for me.
    I also started The Frozen Hours about the Korean War.
    Will check out your book; it has such a catchy title!


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      Paula, I had loaded 3 of the Pawlish books on my Kindle and decided to try one to see if I liked it. It was entertaining and better than I anticipated. I liked her characters.

      I just finished All Dressed in White by Mary Higgins Clark & Alafair Burke. Another easy, enjoyable book.


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        I am also reading The Orchardist , by Amanda Coplin, but it is slow moving..
        I read a little at a time.


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          I'm not familiar with The Orchardist. Is it getting better?


          • Paula A
            Paula A commented
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            It is ok. It is historical fiction with very little conversation and probably more of a character study about how people relate to their problems. Can I just say it makes me think of books Oprah recommends...some I have liked but I am still reading.
            I also started Mrs. Lincoln's Dressmaker.
            Historical fiction with lots of conversation, but not deep. Nothing is grabbing my attention!

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          Author is L. Chiaverini
          First name is Lauren or Laura...


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            "An existential sense of meaninglessness."
            That is how the Washington Post review described the book. They loved it and gave it high praise for a debut novel. They compared the character's thoughts and despair to Wuthering Heights.
            So, I have just given myself permission to close the book. I read enough of this type of literature in college and it just isn't my personality type nor do I like exploring it.
            Sorry if I steered anyone toward it..,who knows? There are obviously a lot of people reading it!


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              I know what you mean about just not getting into a certain book. Sometimes they just do not appeal.
              I had a stack of 'have to read books' in college that were drudgery to get through ... makes me glad to be out of school!

              I've also read a book once, enjoyed it but when I started to read it again, did not like it! I think sometimes our interests change with what's going on in our lives.


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                Adding to the list for August -

                Janet Dawson - A Killing at the Track. I enjoy her books. She has good characters and plots.

                On the Kindle, I've read several light, entertaining books -

                Lindsey Cole - Strawburied in Chocolate and Gunpowder Chowder.

                Madison Johns - Hawaiian Hangover

                Lucy Quinn - New Corpse in Town


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                  Another Kindle quick read - Frosty Fiasco by Constance Baker


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                    Those titles alone are awesome! I just did a photo of them so I can add them to my lists.
                    The horrible air quality we have right now from the forest fires is giving me a slight headache and just looking at a few pages is making me dizzy. I need to fgiure out some audio books...
                    I know it is September, but just dealing with books I got in August, anyway.


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                      I have a lot happening and need the light, easy reading of cozy mysteries right now. And I agree, the titles are great!