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Is May a Good Month to Read? Yes!!!

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  • Is May a Good Month to Read? Yes!!!

    A new month brings another chance for enjoying books and authors. Any Old favorites to share? any new ones?
    Any new to you authors?

    Tell us what you enjoyed and we MAY like!

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    I finished a Kindle book -
    Tony Dunbar - City of Beads. Set in New Orleans, it definitely has that flavor to the plot. An interesting combination of characters and plot. One part, which I skimmed, was a little bit gruesome.
    The book was okay, not a 'jump up and down you have to read this' but not bad either. For me, I have to be in the right mood for this kind of story.


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      I finished Hair Raising Blowout by Constance Barker. (Kindle) It was better than I expected with a good plot and fun characters.


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        A couple more to add to my list in May -
        The Sweet Taste of Murder by Cee Cee James. Light and entertaining.
        Tramp by Marne Davis Kellogg. Too much non necessary information. I caught myself day dreaming while I was trying to read it so skimmed and let it go.


        • Paula A
          Paula A commented
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          That daydreaming comment made me chuckle! A sure way to know it just isn't interesting enough.

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        Paula, I think I tried to read one page 3 or 4 times so I finally gave up.

        I just finished an older book - Miss Pinkerton, Adventures of a Nurse Detective by Mary Roberts Rinehart. There were actually four books, two short ones and two longer ones, in this book.
        The Buckled Bag, Locked Doors, Miss Pinkerton and Haunted Lady.

        Each one dragged a bit at times but the plots were good and had some interesting twists. I liked the main characters and that inspired me to stick it out through the draggy parts.
        Glad I read this book but not sure I'd rush out to read more by this author.


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          I finished May with Paper Phoenix by Michaela Thompson. A cute, free, Kindle book.