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Memorial is now officially summer!!

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  • Memorial is now officially summer!!

    I'll start....even though my plans are not big weekend plans I will be with both my sons and grandchildren. That doesn't happen often so we tend to make it a holiday! We are going to Sikeston, MO to eat at Lambert's, the home of the throwed rolls, and visit with my eldest son. Not a holiday adventure but an enjoyable time for us. We have eaten there many times and the kids love catching rolls, however, I have spooned missed rolls from my drinks, worn the spot where they hit on my shirt and picked them from my hair. All part of the fun, they are delicious and so worth standing in line for a table. Then back to visit the rest of the afternoon. Not exciting but the 4 of us haven't been together since January...that makes it a holiday for us.

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    I think that is a wonderful day trip maxie. There is another Lambert's in Ozark, Missouri near Springfield. I have eaten there once on the way to Branson. I really liked the place. We did have to wait 15 minutes in line for a table but that wasn't bad. I hope you have/had a great time!


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      I am spending my summer trying to learn patience. Having strangers taking me to the potty, giving me showers, doing PT and OT with me, pushing me around in a wheelchair and helping me get into, and out of, bed is how I am spending my summer ---- so far! I am learning humility much faster than I am learning patience! The people here are good and this is a really nice facility. Some days are better than others. I am blessed with great friends - both IRL and cyber friends. I treasure the prayers, good wishes, cards, gifts and visits! Today was tough because I didn't have any visitors and I don't have any therapy on the weekend. It makes for a LONG & BORING day! Oh well, most days are neither long or boring! My roommate is much older than I am. They said she loves to talk...the problem is - she is as deaf as a post! It is hysterical trying to talk to her. She is also "confused" and wakes up at 3am wanting breakfast. Dang, did I say it was boring around here??? *big grin*
      "God loves us so much, He gave us friends!" Amen!


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        I don't think the graduations counted. However, because graduations interloper with our anniversary date, E decided that in early June we'd take a short trip to CA.
        (Kim, I haven't been able to post pictures or graphics here in a long time. I hit the Attachment function, and nothing happens. Any suggestions or instructions?)

        Meanwhile, let me tell out about our actual anniversary.
        E planned all meals out, plus a movie. He slept late (we were very tired after the graduation, big dinner, and late night.), so he ended up making breakfast for me. Then later I made lunch for him. Then we did go to a movie, but it was so unexpectedly bad that within 10 minutes we walked out of it. After which we went to a nice restaurant (BJ's Brewery & Restaurant --- it's an upscale place. In addition to their special beers, which E enjoys on occasion, they have great "brewed" sodas. Root Beer, Orange Cream are definitely tasty; I'll try the Black Cherry next time.). We had a very nice dinner, then went home and watched a couple of old movies he had taped.).
        The next day he went and bought me a dozen beautiful red-and-white roses for our "After-versary".
        Create a beautiful day wherever you go.


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          Nothing big going on here. Went my friends house a few towns north a few weeks ago and we went to a plant fair. Have spent a lot of time in flower beds since then! Am going back on the 14th for the day. She is dealing with being newly disabled after back surgery and it isn't fitting her very well yet so frequent visits are in order....she's done it for me.

          Don't know if we'll take a trip this year or not. I have tried a few outings and don't last as long as I used to....anemia hangs on. Also the price of gas and groceries are eating us up, as they are everyone. I told James we might be smart to stay home and hang onto our nest egg. We'll see.

          Val, you have my sympathy. This time last year I had a wound pouch on my belly and potty by my bed. I couldn't eat and my daughter had to bathe me as I couldn't get the wound or my pic line (arterial feeding) wet. Yes, humility comes quickly when we are down. I pray for you every day.
          Good friends are like diamonds...precious and rare.