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  • Chocolate goodies

    Want to make some stuff to nosh on for the holiday. Well if you love chocolate then you're in business. Buy some chocolate chips from your grocer and get ready to rock your world. I love citrus dipped in chocolate, and chocolate covered bananas. I also love just plain saltines dipped in chocolate. It's so easy to do.

    Make yourself a double boiler by placing one pot down inside a bigger pot that has water in it. Put the chocolate chips in the top pot and bring that pot with the water to a boil and stir the pieces until they are melted. Have your fruit pieces and crackers ready to dip. Have a large cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper ready. Dip the pieces into the chocolate then place them on the cookie sheet. You will need some kind of tongs for the dipping part. When your cookie sheet is filled place it in your freezer until the chocolate hardens. You can store them in the fridge in a plastic container or put toothpicks in them and decorate a cabbage head for a party. Festive! Congratulations!
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