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String the cranberries

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  • String the cranberries

    Right now the stores probably have a bunch of cranberries left over from TG. Why not start a new tradition and string some for your Christmas Tree. They make a beautiful garland and are so easy to string.

    You will need some strong cotton string, a long darning needle or some kind of plastic canvas needle and a bowl of just regular cranberries. Do not wash them cuz they need to be dry. String them up and keep each string at 4 or 5 feet. These will need to hang up in a dry place after the holiday in order to dry out before you put them away. If you have an attic it's the perfect place to dry them or a laundry room. Those of you who live in colder climates may have an issue drying them out, but don't give up hope. I dried mine in the laundry room here in FL a couple of years ago, but some of them rotted and had to be pulled off and discarded. I still have enough and they look so good on the tree.

    Another way to use them is to wrap them around gifts. They have that wonderful rich color and add a natural element to your décor. I think they look amazing on gifts wrapped with brown paper. Be sure to leave enough string at each end to tie onto your gifts.

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    we used to string popcorn and cranberries while watching Christmas movies.
    my kids knew it was my favorite garland!