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  • Curious

    Do you bake goodies for neighbors? I'm curious how common this is anymore.

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    Glad you asked. This tradition has not been in practice very much since the 80's. When we first moved to Knoxville our 90 yr old neighbor across the street brought us Banana Bread. It was so good and that started a relationship with her and her sister and she invited her pastor to come and do a house blessing for us and we ended up joining her church. Through the years we exchanged gifts from the kitchen many times and it was nice to know we had caring neighbors.

    I used to bake and take to my neighbors all the time, but somehow I got the message that folks didn't want to be bothered and didn't want their privacy invaded. I realize how precious our home/family time is and I would never interfere with that, but I do hate the fact that people do not want to be neighborly anymore in this fast paced society. There are still 'Welcome Wagon Hostesses in small towns that make new residents feel welcome, but I doubt if there are many neighbors that will bring a dish and personally welcome people at the beginning. It seems they want to get a feel for their neighbor first to see if they are trustworthy or if they are going to bring trouble to their neck of the woods.

    If you have neighbors that you can depend on to watch your house while you're away, take your trash can off the curb, or call to check on you if you're sick then you've got a great neighbor. Those are the ones you want to shower with food and other gifts throughout the year.

    Of course, I always took things to my neighbors if they had a death in the family, a frozen Lasagna or breakfast loaf. I invited my lonely neighbor over for a craft session once. She was thrilled that I would dedicate my time to teach her a craft and inspire her out of the slump she was in.

    Even though we have moved too many times to mention I always have a 'Coffee' and invite our immediate neighbors so we can get to know them and they can get to know us. People are curious by nature. Why not get it out in the open and start a new relationship off right. They have all been recipient and it has made our experiences so much better in each place we've lived.

    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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      Interesting. We've moved numerous times as well and in most places, have been pretty fortunate with neighbors.
      Currently, we have wonderful neighbors and a lot of us do bake Christmas goodies for each other. We all do little things for each other and it is a good feeling to know, there is literally someone next door or across the street willing to help if we need them.


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        I used to bake cookies for the Aiken Department of Public Safety Officers. I would include coffee and supplies for their New Year's Eve breaks. I did that for years until I discovered that so many people were baking for them they were overwhelmed with too much food. I decided to choose an "ordinary" night, but that never happened. I baked cookies and cakes for neighbors, friends and co-workers also. Not only on holidays!
        "God loves us so much, He gave us friends!" Amen!


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          Punkin, baking for the Safety officers is a great idea, especially not only on the holidays.
          You are so right, we need to do things for others all year.