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    YES! I know it is only November, but I really need some ideas. I put The Grinch to shame. My role models are The Grinch, Grumpy Cat and Maxine!!!

    Getting into the spirit of Christmas is tough and gets tougher each year.

    SO, I ask y'all: Is there anything you do to get yourself into the spirit of Christmas? Maybe, if I start now, it will be a better year.
    "God loves us so much, He gave us friends!" Amen!

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    Read books about Christmas or watch movies - Hallmark has a lot of Christmas movies on right now.

    Think of all the special people in your life and think about little things that might bring them joy - whether you plan to DO anything for them doesn't keep you from coming up with ideas. Find joy in just thinking about it.

    If you have pictures of past Christmas seasons, look through them.

    If you like to make stuff, how about making some ornaments or decorations?

    How about decorating a Christmas stocking? Wouldn't your friends be surprised with personalized stockings?

    Look through recipes that are commonly used for Christmas. Even if you aren't planning on fixing a big dinner, think about what you would prepare if you had 10 people coming to eat.

    Get yourself a coloring book and crayons or colored pencils - let yourself be a kid again!
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      Good ideas, Labbsagle. I love the coloring book and crayons!
      "God loves us so much, He gave us friends!" Amen!


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        Play some Christmas music while you color and enjoy! Coloring is relaxing.


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          90 Ways to Celebrate the Christmas Holiday

          Wishing you a Merry Christmas1. First and foremost...remember the reason for the season! 2. Donate a gift or two to Toys For Tots. 3. Make a New Years Resolution and stick with it! 4. Deck the halls with lots of festive colors and glowing lights. 5. Play Secret Santa at home or at work. Remember it's a secret, so ssshhh! 6. Bake Christmas cookies and eat enough to cause a sugar coma! Not really, but enjoy them! 7. Mail holiday cards to soldiers or a care package filled with seasonal goodies. 8. Go to the local church holiday play, the children will generate a smile for you. 9. Have each family member create an ornament for the tree. Make it a yearly tradition! 10. Place antlers and a red nose on your dog and go for a stroll around your neighborhood while singing Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer! Ignore the weird glances.11. Watch one or all of the animated holiday specials on TV while eating caramel popcorn. 12. Dress like an elf and visit a children's hospital and pass out candy canes. Clear this good deed with security beforehand. 13. Drive through the seedy part of your city...honk your horn and chant Ho! Ho! Ho! Be sure your car doesn't have a tendency to stall. 14. For those of you with a Wendy's restaurant...enjoy a Frosty while singing Frosty The Snowman! 15. Using food coloring serve green mash potatoes as a side dish or red rice! 16. Wrap a small gift in a small box, place that box in a larger box, and then a larger one. The recipients expression is priceless. Payback is bound to happen when you least expect it. 17. For men: Wear a holiday tie to work. 18. For women: Wear a seasonal brooch to work. 19. Slowly sip some hot cocoa by the fireplace while wearing a snuggie and nothing else! Uh oh! 20. Send e-cards to your internet friends! and both offer free cards! 21. Poke your Facebook friends while singing Jingle Bells! 22. Light up your home so that Santa could spot it from the North Pole! Your power bill might be a bit higher than usual! 23. Pop open a bottle of bubbly and let it flow, let it flow, let it flow. 24. Host a holiday party and make it a requirement that all guests wear either red or green. 25. Be jolly while picking some holly to create a table centerpiece for a holiday meal. 26. Build a huge snowman and take some family photos before the dog relieves himself on it! 27. If you have no snow used shaved ice! Be creative! 28. Give the mail carrier a fruitcake, go ahead I dare you!!! 29. Plant a holly bush in honor of someone you are missing. 30. Place a sign near the chimney for Santa..."ENTER HERE" 31. For men: Go out with two friends and pretend the three of you are wise 32. Write a letter to Santa with your requests...all ages apply! 33. On Dec. 23rd text your friends and say "I hope you had a nice Christmas" they'll wonder for a second or two if you have lost it or they missed it! It's worth a shot! 34. Have a snowball fight...all ages apply! No snow? Use white water balloons! 35. Prank phone call Santa and ask to speak to the Easter Bunny! 36. Never allow Grandma to cross the road alone, reindeers aren't the best drivers. We don't want her to get run over! 37. Bake a cake and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. 38. Stand under the mistletoe wearing only a big red bow and hope your honey is the first one to walk in the front door! 39. Have all your shopping done before Christmas eve! 40. Take the kids to sit on Santa's lap....all ages apply. 41. 12 days before Christmas start drinking to numb the pain of your first post holiday credit card bill! 42. Have all kids toys assembled before Christmas morning and be prepared with batteries. For the toys! No, the childrens toys! Duh! 43. For women: Wear lots of glitter, sequins and sparkles! 44. For men: Dress up as Santa except instead of pants wear holiday boxers and walk around Walmart singing Redneck Christmas by Ray Stevens! Go ahead, I dare you! 45. Give a pet as a gift to someone who will give it lots of TLC (tender, loving, care) And a Happy New Year46. Make reindeer food! Place oatmeal and red & green sugar crystals in a shaker container and sprinkle some food on the front lawn. 47. Roast chestnuts by an open fire. Be sure and extinguish the fire when you are done! 48. Nip at Jack Frost's nose! Use your imagination here. 49. Listen to Justin Bieber's Mistletoe song while wearing ear plugs! 50. Spike the eggnog and keep on spiking! 51. Give a gift to a stranger just because. 52. Look confused when someone says "Merry Christmas," enjoy their reaction! 53. Play strip poker using a deck of Coke Santa cards! 54. Tie the knot! Get merrily married! 55. Wear loose fitting clothing. Eat whatever you want. Don't count calories! 56. Take a nightly stroll and admire your neighbors holiday decorations. 57. Continue to believe in Santa, if you do. If you don't, that's ok too! 58. Place random gifts under the tree with no name tags! We all enjoy a surprise! 59. Stomp on your neighbor's roof and make reindeer sounds. Get clearance from your neighbor first or hope that he's not trigger happy! 60. Be naughty and not nice. 61. Be nice and not naughty. The choice is yours! 62. Buy gifts that were "MADE IN AMERICA!" 63. Donate time at a homeless shelter. 64. Offer to decorate an elderly neighbors home or their tree! 65. Create and give away homemade gift certificates. Car wash, walk their pets, mow a lawn, babysit their kids...etc. 66. Go ahead enjoy that extra slice of pie! It's also time to spike that eggnog again! 67. Buy a holiday meal for a struggling family. 68. Support a small business during the holiday shopping season. They will appreciate it! 69. If traveling by car, pay the highway toll for the driver in back of you! 70. If traveling by plane, in mid-flight start a sing-along with the holiday favorite of Here Comes Santa Claus! I wish you luck with that plan!! 71. Do you know a Grinch? Try to convert them! You never know, your plan might work! 72. Start a new tradition! 73. Go on a sleigh ride! 74. Use common courtesy when dealing with the hustle and bustle of the crazed Christmas season! 75. Tis the season to avoid drama and conflict! We can wish it away! 76. Have your family and friends join Facebook that way you can avoid having to write the Christmas newsletter! Does anyone ever really read them? 77. Phone a friend or family member you lost contact with just to say We Wish You A Merry Christmas! 78. Bring a few poinsettia's to a nursing home and help cheer up lonely residents. 79. Be understanding and show compassion for those who aren't in the holiday spirit. Not everyone is expected to be merry this time of year. 80. When in doubt for a gift, purchase a gift card! No returns needed! 81. On Christmas eve wear your cutest pajamas cause you never know who you might bump in to while going for a midnight snack. 82. Drive through town in search of Christmas displays while listening to holiday music! 83. If you know someone who is alone for the holidays invite them over! 84. Try not to stress! Take a walk, go to the gym, remember to relax! If all else fails then continue to spike the eggnog. 85. Plan a family dinner and reminisce about previous holidays. Select the pleasant memories to avoid conflict! 86. Wear tinsel garland as a scarf while dashing through errands and hum fa, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la. You would be considered free entertainment! 87. Take into consideration that this is the most wonderful time of the let's eat, drink and be merry. If not, oh well, at least you tried. 88. If you decorate a live tree, be sure and tend to it.89. If you decorate an artificial tree, no tending needed. My favorite.90. To all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
          "God loves us so much, He gave us friends!" Amen!