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  • Holidays in Florida

    I'm just not feeling it 100% yet. I have managed to decorate the inside and a bit outside, but I'm just not gung ho like I used to be and I suppose that comes with age, not to mention the truckload of Christmas décor that I gave to charity back in 2008. I really don't want to purchase all that hoopla again, but I have always loved making natural things like wreaths of greenery, candle rings, paper snowflakes and the rustic cabin kind of Christmas.

    When I go for my morning walk I see signs of everyone else's holiday bliss! They have decorated to the hilt on some of the homes. I think less is more and I'll be keeping with that idea always. I made a Frazier Fir tree for my front porch and tied strips of cranberry gingham strips of cloth on the branches. I also made a FF candle ring and placed a cranberry candle in the center for my dining table centerpiece. It's so simple, yet elegant. My tree is beautiful and I only paid $20 at Walmart. The decorations are simple little snowflakes that I bought at The Dollar Tree for $1 a pack. They are just beautiful. The basket of apples in the kitchen adds a simplistic color splash and tempts you to have a juicy apple and a slice of cheddar in the evening.

    I have stocked the guest bath with Lavender Soap/Lotion and fluffy absorbent towels and a Lavender Candle to set the mood for a relaxing shower or bath.

    If I felt better I would make some peanut butter cookies or Vinegar Candy. I have the gifts wrapped and now all that is left to do is to sew up some stockings. They will be paper stockings and very simple.
    "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh

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    I love your ideas! What kind of paper do you make your stockings from?


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      Last year I saved the packing paper that came in a package that was delivered site to store at Walmart. There was a bunch of it and I just flattened it out and cut out the stockings and sewed them on the sewing machine. I made 30 stockings for décor and for the kids at the hospital. They loved them. I put crayons, color books, cards, etc. inside for them. I drew pictures on the outside and painted them on with watercolors. Easy and cheap.
      "Only love can be divided endlessly, and still not diminish." ~ Anne Morrow Lindbergh


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        Karlin ,wish was as finished as you are..... but I feel like Im ahead of usual schedule..

        and I do envy talented people who do crafty type decorations etc etc..... God forgot to give me even an ounce of that.!!!..
        Take it one Day , one step, at a time.. cause that's all we really have.


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          I still have a few gifts to wrap and a few cards to get put in the mail. I have done very little decorating, but that what is done is all that I am going to do.

          I will go to Mass on Christmas eve and maybe on Christmas day. Other than maybe going to the 11am Mass, I have decided that I want to stay at home on Christmas day. I need time to just sort things out and I don't feel up to doing dinner with friends who are surrounded by family. The sad part is that most people do not understand and are upset that I won't accept their invitations to be with them. They will just have to get over it.
          "God loves us so much, He gave us friends!" Amen!