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    Do you use flavored vinegars to cook with? I do, and I love making my own at home. It's so easy. I use whatever herbs I have in the garden. Cut some herbs just after sunrise so the dew will be off them. DO NOT WASH. Place little posy's of herbs into the pretty bottles that you have washed and sterilized. Pour white vinegar over them and put the caps on. Place them in a sunny window for a few days to draw the flavor out of the herbs. You can make little tags to say what they are and glue them on or put a string tag on and attach. I saved my glass syrup bottles this year, so I have 4 nice ones to use. I will add gift tags and maybe give some as gifts. They look nice with some pretty ribbon tied on as well. There you have it. Homemade vinegars. Just so you know, vinegar is a meat tenderizer, but that is just one of it's many uses.
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